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The Three Principles

Since Kudao began its roots, 3 monks were sent down by Shenhai to teach mankind to develop. Each monk represented a unique element, Spirit, Body, and Mind. The monk of spirit brought upon self tranquility and peace upon Kudao. The monk of body taught the people that the world is ruthless and will leave you cold and bloodied, but can be resisted. The last and not least, the strict monk of mind, who taught the world how to become immune to defeat in every aspect. Their teachings heavily inspired the world into a civilization so advanced they overcame the limits of their kind, ascending beyond human. 

But the 3 monks conflicted over each other's limit of power, which trials into another being forged by all 3 principles combined. This being was more powerful than all of them, and that power was unhinged and reckless, cracking the skies and nearly bringing Kudao to its knees. Until the 3 monks bounded together and forced all living beings of Kudao including themselves, into an endless slumber to keep the planet alive from the madness they have created, deep inside a forbidden sanctum deep underground. May their sacrifice forever be in vain.


Statues representing the three monks, and the monster forged out of pure chaos.

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