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Buljaar Khan

The Successor

“The path to victory is bloody, cold—and unforgiving. But I will walk towards it, always.”

-Buljaar Khan


One of the many successors of Arku Khan, but certainly not the least—Buljaar Khan is a powerful, unforgiving general serving the Monkhu empire of the mountains. Appointed by his grandfather, the khagan, to lead and command the conquered tribe of Batukhan and the nations surrounding it. Bulijaar rules with an iron fist and a cold, blackened heart, willing to use any tactics necessary to expand his great empire.


Born in a family of such high reputations, Buljaar’s title of exemplar was to be earned. In order to keep his position among his kin, he was to commit an act of strength to prove his worth. If unable to impress the khagan by the age of fifteen, you will be banished from the family name and sentenced to death. Most of Arku’s successors sealed their spot in the family heir by hunting incredibly large beasts. Buljaar gained the attention of his grandfather by bringing him the severed head of his own father, who attempted to kill him in an act of treason. Arku, focused not on his beheaded son that dropped to the ground like a sack of rotten meat—but by the look of Buljaar’s eyes, the one of a potentially great leader. Arku Khan knelt down to his honored grandson and performed a ceremony that has been practiced for generations in his name. Smearing the blood of his beheaded son onto the arms of his Bulijaar. 


“The blood of this hunt shall reside with this boy, Buljaar, heed to his strength—as well his wisdom” 

-Arku Khan

  • Height: 6'8 

  • Age: 84

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Huyve

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Monkhu Sword, Shield, Explosives.

  • Born: Monkhu.

  • Occupations: General, Khan, Warlord, Tactician, Exemplar.

  • Affiliations: Monkhu Army

  • Alignment: Neutrally Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █ █

█ █

█ █

█ █ █


  • Buljaar Khan resembles Kublai Khan, a Mongol warlord of the Yuan dynasty

    • Kublai was also the grandson of Ghengis Khan, who is the inspiration for Arku Khan.​

    • The ceremony Arku Khan performed on Buljaar is taken from actual events where the late Ghengis smeared fat from hunted animals on the young Kublai's middle finger. The final quote from Arku is also based on Ghengis's words to Kublai.

      • "The words of this boy Kublai are full of wisdom, heed them well – heed them all of you."

  • Buljaar also resembles Khotun Khan from the 2020 video game Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Despite being 62 years older, Buljaar is the nephew of the huntress Sarnai.

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