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The Melody

"The beauty of his songs finds its way to me in so many different ways"



    It is beyond the horizons where the average mortal can hear the melodies of the great erhu player from the very top of the divine pillar—also known as Otamu; the Serpent Emperor of the Living. Created by Shenhai, Otamu watches over the existence of all mortals from his blossom garden in the heavens. For millions of years, he has rested there, fabricating spirits from the strings of his heavenly erhu, an instrument of pure beauty. It is said within all living lies a vague but inspiring memory relating to the god of the living before they were even born, yet this memory cannot be described by the mortal tongue.

    Monks often suggest that Otamu was one of the first humans to be created on Kudao, along with a woman whom he fell in love with. But as Shenhai called to him to make him a vessel of creation, he accepted. But his lover was stubborn and demanded him to stay, for she could not come with him to the heavens. For her reluctance, Shenhai banished her to the empty valley of Kindao, cursing her for eternity. Otamu left heartbroken and regretful, ascended from his mortal shell, and became the blessed aspect of life itself.

    Representing life on Kudao, Otamu is worshiped heavily for his duties as a god. Since the beginning of humanity, hundreds of temples have been built in the name of the serpent emperor. According to fables, Otamu plays his instrument not only to create life but to call out the name of his long lost lover. Using his melodies to let her know that despite being separated for millions of years, he still yearned for her.. 



  • Height: 100'

  • Age: ???

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: God

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): The Divine Erhu.

  • Born: ???

  • Occupations: God of Mortal Creation

  • Affiliations: The Divine Heavens

  • Alignment: Lawfully Neutral

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █



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  • The previous concept of Otamu had him entwined with Umato as a single but duo entity.

    • Otamu's older concept also portrayed him as a protector rather than a creator.​

  • Otamu and Umato's names are palindromes of each other.

  • The concepts of Otamu and Umato were inspired by Kindred from League of Legends.

  • Otamu resembles the Yang symbol, both with his male identity, light skin, black hair, and his representation of life.

  • Otamu resembles Izanagi, A creator deity in Japanese mythology. 

  • Otamu (Along with Umato) also serves as an adaptation of the Chinese deity, Xiwangmu, The Queen mother of all life and death.

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