Art Gallery

The artwork of Immortalize is clearly the magnum opus of the project, each illustration is carefully crafted on an 11x14 bristol paper (with the exception of others) sketched with a light 4H pencil and after that, the real work begins. Mainly using micron pens with sizes varying from .01, 0.3, and .05, and the art style known as cross-hatching; the inking process may linger an average of 7-14 hours per drawing (never in one sitting). Then finally, the drawing is scanned and edited in Photoshop if necessary.

I try very hard to keep all my work consistent and make sure that each individual illustration matches and compliments the next one. Therefore, I have tossed many drawings in the past for not living up to the standard. I want my universe to be as alive as I can make it using the very little resources I have, and if I inspire one person out there it would make this entire project worth it.  

Minor Characters