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Uwabami is a 120-foot long serpent yokai that coils himself in the higher valleys south of Midora. Despite being a giant snake, and a yokai, he is a very passive cold-blooded creature that rarely needs to move. The last time he ate was around 100 years ago when he devoured a giant rat the size of a bear that terrorized a nearby village, the village ever since has worshipped this snake as a deity sent from the heavens and have built structures around him as a sign of gratitude. Some believe he's connected to the Shilonese demigod of the snake; Fubai Shenhai, It was Uwabami’s basking nest where they built a statue of the great Shilon general after he put down his life to save the people of Kudao during Yamamura.

    Uwabami currently rests where he always has been, making no movements other than raising his head to enjoy the scenery as well as the occasional tongue flick he curiously uses at nearby friendly travelers. A Midora farmer, who is the grandson of the village leader that had his territory attacked by the giant rat; built an inn for local travelers that needed a rest after a long day of constant aching feet.


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