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The Eternal Empire


One of the largest and most dominant kingdoms of Kudao, Shilon is an empire that has thrived consistently for thousands of years with their royal and mythical culture. Ruled by the chosen successor of god, also known as the Guardians of Shilon; demigod-like beings with great strength and power sent from the very heavens to be the rightful heir of the throne. Having claimed a large portion of Kudao territories such as the Gaowong and the Midora Kingdoms, its main territory is shielded by a massive, invincible barrier blessed by the celestial deity Shenhai, who built the wall to thwart evil and threatening forces from conquering humanity. 


Symbolizing the balance of peace, power, and diligence, Shilon is told to be the center of all unearthly and divine life that walk among humanity. These mortals, being fragile and vulnerable to supernatural and demonic threats of the world, heavily worship their demigod rulers and rest their fate in their hands


Shilon empire1.png

The Shilon Palace.

Lao (2).jpg

Current Empress of Shilon, Demigoddess of the Ox, and Leader of the Shilon Army.


The Unbreakable


Former Emperor of Shilon, Demigod of the Dragon, banished from the Shilon throne.


The Fallen

QeIgb2c (2).jpg

Former tactician and royal heir of the Shilon empire. Demigod of the Snake.


The Vessel


Loyal Assistant of the Shilon Emperess and Goverment Assassin. Demigod of the Wolf.

Han Yu

The Loyal


Eternal Guard of Shilon's gates. Demigod of the Boar.

Mao Rang

The Juggernaut


Face of the mythical Jademage monks.


The Monk

Anhai (2).jpg

Shilon street mage.


The Student

Mio (2).jpg

Troublemaker on Shilon's streets. Demolition expert.


The Demogirl


God of Thunder, resides at the highest point of the Divine Pillar.


The Thunderous

JingLee (2).jpg

Former empress and resurrected spirit that protects the Jadestone.

Jing Lee

The Curator  

Ming (2).jpg

Lost from the Shilon Empire, Demigodess of the Rabbit.


The Wanderer

Hushin (2).jpg

Former emperor from forgotten history, Demigod of the Tiger.


The Onslaught


Former General of the Shilon Empire. Banished for corrupted brutality. A threat to Shilon.


The Wrath


Rice farmers in the Shao Tai outskirts.


Jinsei, the metal spirt meditating in the deep mountainside in northern Shilon


A Shilon neighborhood located in Shilon's capital; Shao tai


Mao Rang at the border of Shilon.


The Shilon Crest.



Nearly as old as heaven itself, The Shilon empire has played a crucial role in Kudao's timeline. It dates so far back that not even its recorded history could not keep up, making knowledge of specific Shilonese origins rare or forever lost.

Shilon is the lovechild to the celestial entity that cradles all of Kudao life in his grasp; Shenhai, a powerful, primordial being who tamed the planet millions and millions of years ago. Watching over the land, observing it, and nurturing it. When life began on Kudao, the first settlers struggled to survive the supernatural threats that came with Shenhai's power, so Shenhai blessed early settlers with an immense, impenetrable, barrier with a single opening to ensure the prosperity of the Shilon Empire and its future. From here, the kingdom and its culture were built around its religious pride for its eternal watcher in the heavens. For millennia, Shilon's reign has been through numerous triumphs and challenges whenever the kingdom thrives with benevolent or malicious intent. No matter how far the kingdom falls, or how it collapses, it is a divine providence that Shilon will eventually rise again to continue its eternal dynasty.


A statue of Shenhai, carved by Shilon sculptors that attempted to visualize his appearance.


The Divine Wall of Shilon.


Ren; the Dragon, Lao; the Ox, and

Fubai; the Snake.

The Dragon, the Ox, and the Snake

One of the many gifts Shenhai blesses the kingdom of Shilon are his successors, famously known as the Guardians of Shilon. For thousands of years, these beings have watched over the people of Shilon with their wisdom and strength. When a Guardian is born, they arrive in a carriage floating from a waterfall located high up within Shilon's mountains, wearing a pendant around their neck. If there is no ruler of that time, then the oldest living guardian shall hold the mantle of emperor/empress, and it was only a matter a time until Shilon was bestowed triplets.

The first child was Ren, Demigod of the Dragon, a newborn who sought the skies and rarely seemed to look down. The second child was Lao, Demigoddess of the Ox, this newborn kept her eyes locked on to anyone nearest to her. And then the third, Fubai; Demigod of the Snake, who, unlike his siblings; never seemed to open his eyes.

Malong, Demigod of the Horse and Emperor of Shilon, grew weary of his thousand-year dynasty. Hoping to pass down his position to a worthy heir, he raised the three in preparation for the inevitable rank of a ruler. Fubai was to govern the southern province of the Shaojin kingdom, Lao, the western province of the Midora kingdom, and Ren, was to be the ruler of the mainland and supreme emperor of all of Shilon. 

The Demigod of the Dragon has had a popular reputation in both history and folklore. Past incarnations of Ren have been told to tower over armies like ants and fell vicious beasts 50 times his size. He was born glorified, while his siblings stood in his shadow, yearning for purpose, and attention.

Lao Shenhai wanted to see the kingdom from a different perspective, the people's perspective. As a child, Lao would sneak out of the palace and watch over the town folk and farmers, and even offered a hand in assistance. Unfortunately, her actions and stubbornness brought dishonor to Malong. 


Fubai was an introvert, he acted towards his own judgment and valued his time to himself, and because of that, he was enigmatic and cunning. He strived for knowledge and perfection, and eventually became one of the most deadly assassins in all of Shilon. But despite his talents, he was not impressed by Malong.   

Ren, on the other hand, lived up to the legend compared to the other two. The Dragon child was something no noble nor general has ever seen before. Never before has someone proved so much might, power, and strength. With high expectations, Emperor Malong's interests towards Ren outgrew Lao and Fubai. By the age of ten, Ren had one thing capturing his attention; his legacy, neglecting and ignoring almost anything or anyone that wouldn't help him reach Shilon's royal position as emperor.

At the age of 25, Ren was finally granted the mantle of the supreme emperor of Shilon and began the Ren dynsasty. Without hesitation or question, he brought the eternal empire into a new era of domination like never before. He conquered the mountain ranges that were invaded by the Monkhu empire long ago, trampling their defenses. Shilon has once again proven its dominance across the globe. Lao, seeing nothing but fiery in her brother's eyes, attempted to reconsider his relentless actions. Fubai, while quiet, resented his brother's reign of pride and fire. Aware of his jealousy, he fled to Murayama in northern Tekkan to escape his bitter reality.



For over a hundred years, Ren's reign over Shilon dominated the world, any nation or kingdom who resisted his rule fell to ash. Shilon was once again, the most powerful nation in Kudao. But as the dragon's tyranny grew to its peak, an ominous presence manifested its wrath and utter chaos among the innocent. A colossal titanic fissure in the far south near the Shaojin kingdom tore the earth apart, summoning a gateway to the realm of darkness itself, Kindao. An endless army of yokai emerged from beneath and brought havoc to all living things around them, leaving a crater in southern Kudao, wiping out millions of lives, including the triplet's mentor, former emperor, and older brother, Malong.

Yamamura has challenged humanity.

All nations of Kudao were forced in a situation no one could ever foresee. In order to preserve their home, they had to fight as one and push back the fiends to the depths of hell they crept from. Ren led an overwhelming attack on the yokai, forcing each and every soldier to fight beyond their limits and until their last breath. After five straight days of spilled blood from thousands of fallen warriors, Demigod of the Snake Fubai and his men infiltrated their way inside the Kindao gateway and seal it for eternity. The heroes managed to escape the doorway before it collapsed all but Fubai, who sacrificed his own soul to part the ream of the living and the unholy. Kudao may have won, but the tactics enforced by Ren may have put all nations into a great depression. 


Ren, Lao, and Fubai leading the charge towards the Kindao army, with the Shilon, Monkhu, and Tekkanese forces behind them.


Ren confronting the outsiders.


Statues Lao created to commemorate her two lost brothers.

Ren's departure, Lao's reign

Ren was ridiculed for his unlawful rule and his arrogant choices for the rest of his reign. During this age of desperation and fault, the same warriors that risked their lives to seal the gateway claimed that it was Ren himself who challenged the Kindao army to seek destruction upon the land as a selfish act to further increase his honor and pride. Ren, denying this heinous claim, could not prove his innocence with his reputation already tainted and worthless. The people descended into a great outrage, demanding the head of the ruler they once worshiped and labeled him as a treacherous devil no better than the very demons who invaded their home.

 The once-great Shilon kingdom was divided between those who blindly followed their king and those who blindly followed vengeance. Demigoddess of the Ox, Lao, who lost more than the average man during the war, failed to seek reason in her brother's faults and plotted to overthrow his tyranny. But before she could take action, Ren was poisoned one night by an unknown imposter during his slumber, causing him to go berserk. 

Under an uncontrollable rage, Ren reaped havoc and slaughtered everything in his path, including innocent people. Lao and her troops quickly interfered with his onslaught at a cliffside citadel near the smoldered outskirts, where Lao swore would be his grave. The Ox and the Dragon clashed, their godlike strength that pierced one another shook the very heavens. And after a devastating conflict between brother and sister, Lao struck down her brother with the great force of her hammer, sending the undying emperor off the citadel into a seemingly endless abyss that descended into fog. Lao limped down from the citadel in undoubtful grief and pain. Slaying her brother, thought to have healed her wounds have only made then worse.

Lao, never uncovering the culprit that poisoned her brother's mind, claimed the throne shortly after Ren's downfall. Even with the help of her advisor and younger brother, Han Yu, the overwhelming expectation and burden troubles empress Lao. Her two brothers she fought alongside are gone, her family's honor has been shattered, and her kingdom is in disarray. May one day, she will rebuild her broken empire and restore Shilon's glory. 


Shaojin, an example of a kingdom that fell victim to Yamamura's wrath.

Culture and Economy

Shilon is prideful, royal, and heavily populated. Villages are scattered across the empire, each section leading up to the main palace, ranking from poor farm villagers to tall buildings for the wealthy nobles. Having their entire kingdom heavily guarded, the tolerance for immigrants is strict. Unlike Tekkan and their behemoth of a city; Tatsu. Any slight suspicion of showing any threat to a single person behind the kingdom's walls will not get you into the empire without redemption or service work. This makes Shilon a much safer place compared to the crime filth that is Tatsu. Shilon is the closest thing to a utopia Kudao has, despite the damage it has taken from Yamamura and Ren's coup.  

Cultue and Economy
  • Population: 35 Million

  • Population (Post-Yamamura): 31 Million

  • Capital: Shao Tai

  • Empress: Lao Shenhai

  • General: Han Yu Shenhai

  • Army: Shilon Army

  • Climate: Moderate

  • Exclusive Wildlife: Behemoth Panda Bears, Shilonese Rhinos, Red Wolverines, Blossom-feathered  Doves, Pale Peafowl, and Ancient Pangolins. 

  • Common Dining: Jingsun Fish, Firecracker dumplings, Tofu, Rice, and Noodles

  • Poverty: Low

  • Crime-rate: Low


Hilltops in Shao tai, which hold the Guardian's Crescent; a large artifact that changes appearances to represent Shilon's current emperor/empress, which is Lao.


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