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Yokai are chaotic reflections of mortality, known in their physical forms as various demonic creatures, mostly from the Kindao realm, they range from the supernatural undead to monsters that are devoid of any restraint or thought. While many of them appear and act as threatening and malevolent, some can bring good wishes to those who bargain politely. Before Yamamura, yokai encounters were considered rare until the ones left unscathed of the Kindao army were released into the mortal realm, descending more yokai for the following decades.

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One of the first yokai.


The Oni


A mysterious creature that lurks on single targets


The Devourer


A once mortal cursed by immortality. Now controls the flow of time.


The Timeless


Mazoku, the pure spawn of all yokai.



Oni are the male demonic spawn of Mazoku, The God of Terror. They are depicted as heavy ogres wielding either axes or kanabo clubs, with 2 or more horns, similar to Mazoku. They all began thousands of years ago when Mazoku tricked a woman into marrying him by transforming into a male human. The children they had were the first oni, who were disgusted by the other humans, banishing them to the northern mountains in Tekkan. They continue to live off the rest of their endless lives feasting on cattle and humans, hellbent on their barbaric nature.



Kitsune are the female demonic spawn of Mazoku, similar to the oni, they were also shunned by the locals. But since the oni got Mazoku’s demonic strength and brute, the Kitsune got his mischievous shapeshifting. They are described as large and slim foxes with multiple tails, which increases the number of souls they've feasted on. They are scattered all across the Tatsu city luring in prey by taking the form of beautiful women, that they prance around like puppets on strings, while their real bodies hide deep within allies or crevices.



Bunrakus, unlike most yokai, aren't from Kindao. They are actually man-made puppets fabricated from steel and trillium. A single shard of trillium can not only power a bunraku for a lifetime but grant it a sense of self-awareness. They are also adjusted to work among the Tatsu Samurai, and hunt down the ones who aren't staying in line. Bunrakus have a motive, and its unknown to what that motivation is, but their eerie presence leaves the people of Tatsu intimated. Some say they are merely possessed by trapped spirits.


Young hermit crabs found on the shores of Azuhanto, Tekkan have been known to make a home out of a large variety of objects such as large seashells, barrels, and even sunken totems. But when a desperate crab comes across a helmet of an old samurai, they become hosts for an undying parasite that will continuously grow in size the more seething the trapped spirit has become. 

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