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The Colossus

“He isn't the brightest, but he is the biggest.”

-Angylyn Shioh


The modernization of Tekkan has been an age no ancient being has ever witnessed before. From lanterns and bows to electricity and arms dealerships, Tatsu became a nation of profound steel that cannot be reckoned with. With new ideas for the military rushing in like water from a broken dam, weapons experts constructed a concept that would change the rules of war forever. Waradashi; a colossal war machine indestructible to any blazing bullet, explosives, or any force that would thought to be unstoppable. A titan that will force the enemies of Tekkan to bow down. 

Hundreds of professional engineers, arms dealers, armorers, and blacksmiths working for the military began their master project under the orders of the shogun. After over a decade of work, Waradashi was approaching its completion. Despite being heavily armed and built for war, Waradashi was sentient, and had very gentle behaviors. His creators, however, did not mind the life they have unintentionally created. He has grown to use his defenses to protect the ones that he feels compassion towards, undeterred by the fact that he was built to destroy.

This was shortly before the fall of the Seigun rebellion.

When the Tatsu shogunate revealed its true colors of corruption and greed, the 500 ronin of the deceased clan Seigun interfered against the imperial samurai, afraid that their balance between power and control was on the brink of breaking. After a raging battle, the Seigun were extinct, and it was at that moment the engineers knew the country's true intention with this weapon. ​


Before the shogunate could get their hands on this colossus, the engineers loaded the bunraku on an underground tram meant for transporting goods and minerals, sending it into the endless depths of the Tatsu city, where it can never be found. The indestructible Waradashi now belongs in an underground compound owned by the Smoking Serpents; who have managed to dismantle the head from its body, which contains Waradashi’s personality, memories, and a portion of his powers. The head of Waradashi is now the stomach of Haradashi, Waradashi’s mini form and alter-ego. Haradashi, no longer limited by his immense size, can freely roam around the city like most humans. 


Haradashi, while adopting some of the power of Waradashi, is still nothing compared to the behemoth strength of his original form. The body of Waradashi currently sits hollow underground, armed with cannons and guns that have never once been fired. No one has witnessed the true power of Waradashi, but the ones who do know it deem it a weapon that is too powerful to be in the hands of the corrupted Tatsu Samurai, and if it was it would ensure unthinkable chaos to come. One day the Smoking Serpents will destroy the indestructible body of Waradashi, hopefully denying the war machine from seeing action.

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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  • Waradashi resembles a robotic version of a Haradashi, a Japanese yokai with a face on its stomach.

    • Hence the name of his smaller form. ​

  • Haradashi (The smaller form) wears a tengai on the top of his head, which were worn by the Komuso during the Edo period of Japan.

  • Waradashi was one of the first characters designed, shortly after the creation of Haruma.

  • Waradashi once played rock paper scissors with Hiro, Waradashi only picked rock every time and when the drunken finally picked scissors, Waradashi smashed him, killing him instantly.

    • However, Hiro is undying, so he's ok.​

  • Waradashi's inspiration comes from robots in pop culture such as the Iron Giant, and Bastion from Overwatch.

  • One of the original concept art for Waradashi had an actual Japanese flag in it. Which is one of the reasons why it never became the final image.

    • Another concept of Waradashi was changed in early 2020 to fit the Feudal Japanese narrative. ​

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