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Arku Khan

The Conqueror

“Death is foreboding to the weak, and a choice for the strong ”

-Arku Khan


Arku Khan is the brutal tyrant and supreme khagan of the great Monkhu Empire. Before his reign, he was once a fearless young soldier in the Monkhu Army, believing that his nation should be a place for only the ones who are strong enough. Arku, living by those sentiments his entire life, watched as the higher beings of Monkhu cowered in fear, causing the enemy tribes of the mountain to freely trample over.

During the Monkhu civil war, he found himself in death's grasp, severely wounded and injured after a devastating ambush from the Oko tribe. Limping through the mountain's howling wrath, alone and blinded. Death stalked the dying soldier that night, and death chose to take the form of a giant wolf known as the Phantu Hound; an urban legend of the mountain that is described as a monstrous form of a peak ghost hound. The phantu hound was as large as a horse, with fur black as night, eyes glaring like the moon, and the jaws of a demon.


Despite being almost completely blind, Arku could still visualize the beast that was about to kill him, and still, he did not run. Wounded and crippled, he stood up high, challenging the beast empty-handed. The wolf charged towards the vulnerable Arku, bearing no possible chance of victory, but still keeping his ground. As the canine reached his prey, it suddenly came to a complete stop to notice Arku, still standing tall, not moving a muscle. This man did not fear the jaws of death, instead, he stared right into its face with confidence. It was all a test of strength and courage, and he passed it. In reward, the phantu hound surrendered to him, becoming his new deadly companion.


It took Arku three more days to return to his tribe after he was already pronounced dead, marching with the tamed beast by his side. The king of Monkhu was shocked when he saw him not only to make his return in his state but to bring back a 'friend' while he was at it. The king praised the young soldier with great gratitude, offering him a position as general. Arku did not answer to this mere coward, he stood emotionless as he raised his frostbitten arm. The phantu hound suddenly pounced, causing the king to bolt and attempt to flee. It was then the wolf crushed his bones and feasted on his flesh. The guards trembled in so much fear and intimidation that they were paralyzed as Arku finally took a seat on the throne after weeks without proper rest.


Arku Khan vowed to his promise and builds a new reign for

Monkhu. Invading every rival tribe on the mountain that showed fear and weakness and purged them out of existence. Using his sheer wit, intimidation, and the beast he tamed empty-handed to set a new example to not only the people of the mountain but all of Kudao.

  • Height: 7'5 

  • Age: 304

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Huyve

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Broad Sword, Bow & Arrow, Muunokhoi.

  • Born: Monkhu.

  • Occupations: General, Khagan, Warrior, Archer, Tactician, Canine tamer.

  • Affiliations: Monkhu Army

  • Alignment: Neutrally Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █ █ █

█ █ █ █ █

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Arku Khan in the battle of Yamamura.


  • Arku resembles Ghengis Khan, a famed Mongolian conquer from the 12th and 13th centuries.

  • The title Khagan is the name for the imperial rank of emperor in the Mongol empire hierarchy.

  • While the life expectancy for a huyve is 140-170 years old. Arku Khan has surpassed twice the limit at a staggering 304 years.

    • It is speculated that the cause of this is the dark-magic shared with Muunokhoi.​

  • Arku's name during development has been all over the place, he started off as Muunokhoi, to Mako, to finally Arku Khan.

    • Before Akru was renamed from Muunokhoi, his wolf (now named Muunokhoi) was named Batu, another ruler of the Mongol Empire.

  • Arku has 35 sons, 23 daughters, and 140 grandchildren.

  • Muunokhoi means "ferocious dog" in Mongolian culture.

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