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The Kingpin

“Bastards cry louder when they're about to die broke!”



The Najimu crime family is infamously known for their lack of mercy, forgiveness, and gentleness. The most notorious member of the gang who thrives in these principles is the one and only Gakugyo, the Kingpin. While not being at the top of the Najimu ranks, he is the most feared. He is described as a seven-foot-tall mutant Koicodile armed with a human personality and a very expensive gun.

    Before being mutated, Gakugyo was once a hatchling of a koicodile pond that belonged to a very wealthy kingpin in the Tatsu province. But when the crime lord fell into debt, he was forced to sell most of his belongings, including his valuable koicodiles. The organization the koi gators were sent to was a much more malicious one, a cult who saw great power in the connection between the forbidden magic known as shadowheart and a living organism. All of koicodiles were aggressively experimented on in illegal rituals using dark magic, all of which involved immense pain, torture, and eventually, death. Only one gator remained, the young and terrified Gakugyo. Every test thrown against him was even more treacherous than the one before.

 Years of agonizing attempts of forced evolution, he learned how to speak human language and eventually became a monster. Gakugyo turned against his masters, overpowering them with his immense strength, slaughtering all witnesses, and for a moment there, he felt satisfaction for the first time. He marched down to the temple where he was born, he confronted the crime lord that sold him and his family out to the place that morphed him into the abomination he became, a place where only he crawled out alive. Gakugyo gave him no time to respond as he crushed his bones within his jaws until he became nothing more than a pile of unrecognizable flesh.

    Gakugyo now runs the temple that quickly became one of the largest houses of the Najimu crime gang; an organization of ravaging gangsters and crooks that build their empire from every cent they have stolen. Gakugyo answers to no one, but when he does, he answers with his teeth, and in lead.

  • Height: 7'0 

  • Age: 35

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Koicodile (altered by dark magic)/Yokai

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Submachine gun, Thick reptilian skin, jaws.

  • Born: Tatsu, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Kingpin, Gambler, Former lab rat, Criminal, Wrestler, Cartel expert, Armsdealer, Swimmer, Brothel owner.

  • Affiliations: The Najimu

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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