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Immortal Beings

When Shenhai created the globe, he then created his immortal servants; such as the spirits of the Guardians of Shilon, Rugong, Mazoku, and many more. They were bestowed upon the land  to represent different aspects of life whenever it was death, life, terror, hope, nature, or balance. Each immortal can live for eternity, but their physical form can be slain and cease to exist, but their spiritual form is eternal, and won't return to walk the earth until it's next extinction. Once the extinction is complete, and all life is gone, for some immortals, like Rugong, and Mazoku, a spire representing the immortal will stay hidden in the highest mountains or the deepest ravines, and they will remain a stone until a human successfully finds the spire alive after a long trek. The human will be used as a physical host and will transform into the god they've unleashed. 

All immortals are worshiped, some more than others. The Shilonese worship the guardians of Shilon enough to grant them ruler. The Tekkanese tell many tales of Mazoku and Rugong, in order to scare their children into discipline. Worshiped or not, most immortals serve their purpose upon the people, others hide in the shadows, waiting to be discovered. 


The ancient corpse of Zhao Tu, an honored Guardian of Shilon who died fighting off a vicious band of barbarians of Monkhu.

Otamu (2).jpg

Serpent Emperor of the Living.


The Melody

Umato (2).jpg

Serpent Empress of the Dead.


The Silence

Taramamu (2).jpg

A cursed immortal that is completely immune to death.


The Timeless


God of Thunder.


The Thunderous

tanner-staheli-asset (59).jpg

God of Terror.


The Oni


Demigod of the Dragon, former Emperor of Shilon.


The Fallen

QeIgb2c (2).jpg

Demigod of the Snake, currently a locked vessel in the Gateway of Kindao


The Vessel

Lao (2).jpg

Demigoddess of the Ox, Empress of Shilon


The Unbreakable


Demigod of the Boar, oldest guardian standing and watch guard of Shilon's border.

Mao Rang

The Juggernaut

Hushin (2).jpg

Demigod of the Tiger, warlord of Monkhu, and former Emperor of Shilon


The Onslaught

JingLee (2).jpg

Demigoddess of the Goat, Sacrificed her physical form to become Kudao's nature spirit.

Jing Lee

The Curator

Ming (2).jpg

Demigoddess of the Rabbit, freely roams the Midora Woodlands.


The Wanderer


Demigod of the Wolf, Shilon general and assistant to the empress

Han Yu

The Loyal


An entity that feeds off the torment from it's hunt


The Devourer


Crafted heads of the two brothers, Mazoku and Rugong.


A thousand-year-old living mountain.


Taramamu; one of the oldest immortal walking among Kudao's soil.


An inn with decorative masks depicting Taramamu and Rugong. Along with a painting of Uwabami.


Uwabami; an immortal serpent that coils itself in the Midora mountainside.

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