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The Huyve

The Huyve are an evolved race of humans that reside up in Mt  Monkhu. The average human cannot survive the brutal conditions of the mountain with its below freezing weather and lack of oxygen. But with thousands of years of trial and error, the people of Monkhu finally forced and trained their bodies to surpass mankind. The Huyve, compared to the average human, are stronger, more durable, and can live for hundreds of years. Their combined sheer strength is what made the Monkhu army one of the most feared forces in all of Kudao.

ArkuKhan (2).jpg

Profound khagan of Monkhu. Single-handedly conquered all 12 tribes.

Arku Khan

The Conqeror

BulijaarKhan (2).jpg

Grandson of Arku Khan.


The Successor

Sarnai (2).jpg

Daughter of Arku


The Trapper

obaku (2).jpg

Born from Huyve ancestors.


The Teamaster


An average human compared to a huyve merchant.

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