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The Forbidden Sands


East of Southern Monkhu. Surochi was once an extension to the Midora Jungles and other nations that were wiped out during the events of Yamamura. It was a tropical paradise that held the homes of millions of people. But as darkness bends the fine line of balance, a mysterious portal to Kindao, an unknown, mirrored world of hell, lays waste in southeastern Surochi and obliterates a large portion of Kudao's land, killing millions. . . and turning the once beautiful forest into a sandy, barren wasteland with its wildlife corrupted. 

After the war, debates between Shilon, Monkhu, and Tekkan stirred on what to do with the 900 kilometer-long badland. But as of now, the wasteland is without law or ruling, making Surochi the most dangerous sandbox on the globe.

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Back when the Midora valleys covered most of southern Kudao, the planet was much more amicable and peaceful with it’s thriving life, communities, and wildlife. Even when conquered by the Monkhu Empire, the land always found its way back to stability and peace. But then the absolute unthinkable happened, an event so expecting and dreadful, that it will leave a harrowing scar upon Kudao history forever; Yamamura. A force of dark energy erupted from below, causing a catastrophic collision. Obliterating almost all life from the impact point to the mountains. Everything inside this eruption, including the once beautiful haven of a forest, will soon be wiped out by a dark tsunami of hellish ghouls and replaced by a barren wasteland of nothingness.

In the impact zone of the newly created wasteland, lied a portal, and what emerged from within had it's witness's blood grow cold. Everything related to this dark threshold has been distant from an explanation, absolutely nothing evolving the occurrence or reasoning behind this could be explained. The fiends crawling out of the gateway were described as purely ungodly, demon-like creatures, they varied from armed ghouls to wretched abominations that did not hesitate to trample and devour anything in their way. All conflicts between nations suddenly stopped and abandoned their grudges, as they joined forces to defend their land from the vile fiends that planned to overthrow it. Yamamura has been declared.

The war waged on for a few days. Kindao had the crater completely under control, what went on inside was never recorded in history and remains a mystery to this day.  After those dreadful endless hours, Shilon, Monkhu, Tekkan, and others willing to fight finally overthrew the invaders. Trampling them to their spawn, and closing the gateway with scarification to a brave, powerful warrior named Fubai, Demigod of the Snake. Ending all existence of the fiends that terrorized their realm.

Kudao may have won the war, but there is no such thing as a good war. The resources spent on the war was an immense catastrophe, economies struggled, conflicts engulfed, and riots broke out. Kudao's most reliable source of food has been completely destroyed, leaving a large portion of the planet starved. There was simply no room for the weak. Unowned, and no rules, the badlands will encourage bandits and wanted men to move to this wrenched wasteland free from any illegal act they've been hunted for by the authority. Keeping crime to the middle of nowhere and away from the public. And so, every inch of sand was officially free from any law or government, and completely unconstrained.

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Culture and Economy

The desert remains the "every man for himself" ideology system as of today, No faction owns it. So as you might expect, the Surochi desert contains the most dangerous and sadistic bandits, criminals, and raiders of all of Kudao. Stealing, ransacking and slaughtering each other like a pack of hungry beasts trapped in the same room, fighting for survival. It is cautiously advised to avoid this land at all costs.

  • Population: 100,000

  • Capital: Rusuke

  • Emperor: N/A

  • General: N/A

  • Army: N/A

  • Climate: Dry

  • Exclusive Wildlife: Roamer Pangolins, Corrupted Scorpions, Taru Dogs.

  • Common Dining: Sand

  • Poverty: High

  • Crime-rate: Extremely High


The Gateway


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