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The Smoking Serpents

The Smoking Serpents is a small band of rebels led by Angylyn Shiho; a former Tatsu Samurai that became aware of the country's more menacing motives and decided to turn her back against it, risking her life. Against but clearly outmatched by the corrupted Tatsu clan, their actions and existence are to be hidden from the shogun's radar, one step at a time, their missions vary from single target assassinations, infiltration, and sabotage.


The Smoking Serpents often tread outside their revolution, they actually began protecting a village from bandits after being hired by Angylyn herself. They serve others in return for payment, whenever it’s dealing with hitmen or supernatural beings. Their compound is located behind a local Sashimi joint ran by Kasamatsu, where she stirs up good, (but not too good) dining. The members consist of Angylyn, Hiro, Nioh, Waradashi, Kasamatsu, and a few other unexpected contenders. The Smoking Serpents have completed hundreds of successful raids and heists that have sabotaged the Tatsu clan.


The Smoking Serpents.

Angylyn (2).jpg

Ambitious young leader of the Smoking Serpents


The Rebel


​An easily bored, reckless street rat that tags along with the Smoking Serpents


The Theif


A drunken tanker equipped with impenetrable steel wings. Honestly no one really knows why hes here.


The Drunken

Kasamatsu (2).jpg

Cunning Ryoshin assassin of the Smoking Serpents. 


The Kunoichi


An immense bunraku stolen from the Tekkanese empire.


The Colosuss

HarumaHiroyasu (2).jpg

Has assisted the Smoking Serpents numerous times.


The Demon

obaku (2).jpg

Reliable medic back at the compound. Has saved both the lives of Nioh and Angylyn from fatal wounds.


The Caretaker


The Crying Carp; The crew's resturant and secret shelter​.


Kasamatsu, Angylyn, Nioh, and Hiro and the Crying Carp.


Nioh bothering Kasamatsu by showing off his collection of music records.

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