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The Tatsu Samurai

Led by Kuroda, the Tatsu Samurai are Tekkan's current military in replacement of the Seigun Samurai, as well as the watch guards force that keeps the city of Tatsu in control. While loyal to the shogun, they are dangerous, greedy, and always on the watch. They aren't as cunning as the Seigun, but with their weaponry, they don't need to be, they managed to overwhelm the Kaiju attacks during Yamamura, and wiped out the entire Seigun Samurai to extinction.  While most of them identify as human mercenaries, a small portion of these loyal troops are bunraku lifeforms, and old form of puppetry animated using the power of Trillium's hidden, dark power. Intimating, the troops are in charge of keeping control of criminal threats, including the biggest traitors to the Tatsu shogunate; the Smoking Serpents; a rebellious refuge that compromises the empire in an attempt to restore tradition. 

General (2).jpg

Supreme General of the Tatsu Samurai.


The Shogun


A powerful general and 'ex' bandit.


The Scourge

Iwata (2).jpg

Skilled leader and son of a fallen Seigun.


The Obedient

Angylyn (2).jpg

Former marksman for the Tatsu Samurai.


The Rebel

obaku (2).jpg

Tatsu Samurai medic.


The Teamaster


A giant weapon built for mass destruction.


The Colossus


A Tatsu Samurai patrolling the city.


Bakuma, General of the Murosawa Stag Riders.

Tekkanese Samurai.jpg


These armored human soldiers make up most of the samurai since they require the least amount of training and skill. Limited to a ranged firearm and melee weapons, these troops patrol basic populated, but small sections of Tatsu. Standard Troops work in packs due to being the weakest/most common of the Tatsu Samurai. Requiring the skill of teamwork, standard troops are expertly trained in tactical missions and lock-downs.


Stag Riders

The Murosawa Stag Riders bring upon a hell to pay when it comes to keeping Tatsu under strict watch with their tyranny orders. Mounting the monster insect known as the kaiju beetle, they rage havoc onto the pity with their unbreakable horns. Led by Bakuma, they were once infamous bandits that terrorized the land on mount, but there sheer strength and ambition allowed them to serve the Tatsu samurai after the Seigun. But old habits don't always die-hard, once a bandit always a bandit. The Stag Riders continue to abuse their power with thievery and ransacking. 


Bunraku hunters.

Tatsu Bunrakus

The Tatsu Bunrakus are tall, sentient puppets brought to life by the Tatsu Samurai using the dark magics behind the trillium mineral. They are used to unleash fear among the most challenging and rogue inhabitants that refuse to stay in line in the city of Tatsu. While they are sentient, they are also completely emotionless since they were built to do one thing; hunt. 

They tread in an abnormal, broken pace with their thin stilts. Once their target is in sight, their faces turn demonic and let out a terrifying shriek as they go berserk. It is said to be extremely unlikely to ever break from your frozen state of fear and even more unlikely to escape them as they jump from wall to wall through the deepest alleys of the city. Those who inevitably end up snatched by these demonic machines are taken somewhere beneath the rubble, to an unknown place where not even the samurai know of. The scream you let out as they drag you in the shadows will be the last thing anyone could hear of you because there's no coming back from where they're taking you to.

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