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The Island of Steel and Dread


An island distant from the mainland of the world, Tekkan is known for its high population, mining facilities, technology, and their loss of tradition. Before Yamamura, the legendary samurai of the Seigun shogunate has watched over Tekkan and its cultivated principles of honor for hundreds of generations. This strict code appointed by the shogun limited the military from allowing themselves to fall to the levels of their enemies and be corrupted by the temptations of vengeance, rage, and cruelty. This was once the true identity of Tekkan, but has now fallen to evolved weaponry.

After the great yokai war of Yamamura, the samurai of clan Tatsu, warriors who harvested the great magic of Trillium, have overthrown the Seigun shogunate, while reinstating a new one. The new Tatsu shogunate grew strong with an iron fist, but without the old cultivated principles of the Seigun—the shogun and daimyo of Tatsu grew corrupt and sought power. Their conquest soon drove the country to madness and the genocide of the remaining ronin of clan Seigun who stood against their tyranny.

With the military in crumbles after the Seigun rebellion, the shogun continues to rebuild his army to one day continue his conquest. Tekkan today is currently symbolized by the Tatsu capital, an immense city riddled with bandits and demons that thrive off the inventions of Trillium technology. While most factions around the world stay fairly close to their traditional roots, the island has almost completely lost theirs.


The Tatsu Castle.

Angylyn (2).jpg

Highly skilled marksman and leader of the Smoking Serpents.


The Rebel


A street punk in Tatsu, known for being an annoying, sword swinging, Smoking Serpent.


The Theif

Kasamatsu (2).jpg

A cunning Ryoshin of the Smoking Serpents and owner of a small local sashimi joint. 


The Kunoichi

HarumaHiroyasu (2).jpg

A ruthless vigilante who terrorizes the vile bastards of Tatsu.


The Demon


A mad, undying alcoholic and hero of Tatsu.


The Drunken

Iwata (2).jpg

A skilled Tatsu samurai.


The Obedient

cwBG8zG (2).jpg

Undefeated wrestler.


The Immovable

General (2).jpg

Profound shogun of the Tatsu samurai. 


The Shogun


A giant bunraku stolen from the Tatsu samurai by the Smoking Serpents.


The Colossus 


'Former' bandit and leader of the Tatsu samurai stag mounts.


The Scourge

gakugyo (2).jpg

Ferocious and respected thug of the infamous Najimu crime family.


The Kingpin

Takumi (2).jpg

An urban legend among Tatsu's deepest alleys.


The Hunter

obaku (2).jpg

A true neutral medic working for the Tatsu samurai.


The Teamaster

tanner-staheli-asset (59).jpg

Common among Tekkanese culture.


The Oni

Sakamoto no red (3).jpg

Last of the Seigun Samurai.


The Kensei


Former soldier forsaken in battle, migrated to the Shilon empire.


The Wrath


Onishibu, A popular village in Tatsu that is rumored to be infested with actual yokai.


A koicodile pond.


Tatsu before the trillium-era.


Traditional Tekkanese dining.


Examples of yokai lurking around the Tatsu province.



Over ten-thousand years ago, the islands of Tekkan were once a single peninsula that connected to the mainlands that were governed by the Shilon Empire. Once the dark ages of Kudao came to an end, Seiryu, The Azure Dragon of the East, threw in a fit of rage and abruptly cursed the oceans with a five-hundred-year storm. Causing the sea levels to rise and flood the prefecture, all became ruins at the bottom of the sea but the islands at the very end of the peninsula. The people and once exterior kingdom of Shilon were trapped inside the violent typhoon. Any attempt to sail across the oceans for help meant instant doom to those foolish enough. For hundreds of years, the islanders were isolated, living off fish and the scrapes of their scrubby rice farms. But even during such a harsh trial, the mortals lived on and somehow prevailed. During the five-hundred-year typhoon, the island managed to recreate its own culture, government, and beliefs into something new. 

When the storm finally subdued after centuries, the Shilon Empire was in shock when it was revealed that a small part of their fallen peninsula had remained. The emperor sent a fleet of ships to reinstate the kingdom, but the people of the islands had grown from their relationship with the empire and demanded independence. The emperor did not accept their plea and tried to force the islanders to accept Shilon rule, but they resisted. A conflict broke out between a divine empire and a small nation of rice farmers. What was thought to be a pathetic attempt to defend your land, the islanders called out to the White Tiger of the West, Byakko, to lend them their aid. Byakko, who suffered greatly from the Azure Dragon of the East, accepted their call to send the shilonese back to the other side of the earth. With the villagers viciously defending their land from the shilonese with the essence of the white tiger, the emperor of Shilon surrendered and retreated their occupation on the islands, which were now titled Tekkan, named after a significant elder that enforced the nation's independence, Haramoto Tekkan.

Seigun Samurai

Traditional Seigun Samurai armory.

The Seigun Samurai

Following the events of Tekkan's independence, the age of a royal line of warriors were instated. Also known as the samurai, the military of Tekkan consisted of very powerful warriors that eventually forged their own government that overthrew the emperor, now known as the shogunate. Many samurai clans were established over the years, many fell into quarrels with each other that would lead the country into a chaotic war. This era of conflict lasted until the samurai of clan Seigun overthrew these tyrannic clans and appointed themselves the official shogunate, reestablishing peace and order to all the clans.

Unlike most samurai clans, the Seigun samurai drew their powers from their cultivated code of honor and strict training tactics. Founded by a former monk who came in contact with a celestial being, giving him the gift to teach others and reinvent the way of the warrior, representing the third principle of strength; Precision. The training involved was extraordinary and hard, day and night combat training, which includes sword tactics, and landing perfectly releasing 100 arrows in the direct center in a row, every day, until perfection. Once mastered, the average Seigun is said to be able to parry and redirect any projectile with their sword, varying from arrows, cannons, and even gusts of wind. Unfortunately, the cost of positioning such nobles was high, due to the years spent on mastering the strength and level of skill. Seigun who disagreed with their superiors would fall from their rank in dishonor, eventually bringing birth to the Ryoshin—a clan of rouge Seigun and other mercenaries with ambitions that cannot be contained, whenever right or wrong. 


The Trillium Era

Centuries later, Tekkan still stands both a powerful military but a poor economy. One day, a couple of coal miners discovered a peculiar and undiscovered mineral near the canyons of the Tatsu clan. After months of research, studies found that the mineral had the ability to be converted and compressed into never before seen chemicals, like electricity and a new form of fire which holds a blueish tint and behaves much differently than normal fire. They decide to name it; Trillium.


Nations from around the world observed the country with their new discovery that will change Kudao forever. Further studies and tests showed that it can be used to power all sorts of newly discovered objects such as machinery. Tekkan's economy boosted instantly with trade routes from regions around Kudao, attracting a large population that will end up building the industrial city known as Tatsu. In just nearly 200 years, Tekkan reached its Trillium Era. 

With Tekkan's new reign, the invention industry expands. New technology arrives such as lighting,  factories, tram systems, and most importantly, weapons. Deadly weapons such as firearms, explosives, enhanced traditional weapons, and even the animated metal men known as Bunraku's.



Tekkan continues to scavenge its discovery of technology. With new weapons being invented every year, the nation questioned their own need for the Seigun Samurai and their service. The Seigun clan has served and protected the island for hundreds of years, their traditions are the face of Tekkanese culture and the importance of their culture is second to none. The country is now torn between tradition and change.

Then Yamamura laid waste . . .

Yamamura bared no mercy to the island. When the gateway opened, hundreds of colossal yokai swam across the entire ocean from Surochi to Tekkan and trampled over the land. Beasts larger than buildings brought destruction and terror until they were eventually taken down by the joined forces of the Seigun Samurai and Tekkan's new empowered army; the Tatsu Samurai.  The Seigun brought one hell of a fight, but if it weren't for the Tatsu Samurai and their upgraded weapons,  all would have been lost.

Traditions paved in iron

After Tekkan took part in the battle of Yamamura and fought along with the Shilon and Monkhu empire;  Tekkan was left crippled and bruised. Yamamura, just like the other countries, revealed a dark side to their own land. With their economy in shambles, and the result of the attack on Tatsu proving the Tatsu Samurai the most dependable defensive forces for their people. The debate that has waged far before the war has finally been decided.

An agreement was settled, and the Seigun were removed from their hierarchy and replaced with the armed men known as the Tatsu Samurai. With the country run by a new shogunate, Tekkan turned into a land of greed and despair. Crime became more common due to the exposure to greater power, pollution to the air, and an overhaul dishonorable example given to the people by the current corrupted samurai clan. As the economy grew, tensions of overthrowing other countries did as well.


The former Seigun, now ronin, noticed the vile actions by the current shogun and banded together once more to bring back the balance between power and peace. After they interfered with the Tatsu samurai beginning a conquest to invade the mainland, Lord Kuroda; shogun of the Tatsu samurai, ordered them to step aside with the slightest amount of honor they had left, but they refused.


Lord Kuroda, the shogun responsible for bringing the entire Seigun Samurai to extinction.

Seigun Reckoning

The Seigun's Reckoning

Surrounded and outnumbered, the Seigun fought fearlessly, holding on until the end, with sword facing the gun. But being outnumbered, it wasn't enough. It was the final stand for every last Seigun, bringing an end to the ancient traditional culture. But for 500 Seigun defending against thousands of armed imperial forces, they sure made the most of the battle. For every Seigun killed, 50 imperial samurai were slain. The Seigun rebellion was glorified, and the legacy will continue on as long as the people of Tekkan recognize their sacrifice and immortalize them.

Even though the Seigun were defeated, it cost the country greatly, in both men and resources. Tekkan is now in an economic crisis, and their plans to seize domination lay to rest. The Seigun did their part, and what is started has to be finished, and may one day, a small candle of light will overthrow this reign of madness, and restore the peace that’s been stained.

Tekkan today is a dangerous and crowded nation of steel, represented purely by its main capital; Tatsu, a city so large it takes up more than half of the island. Being the most populated factions in the world, Tekkan thrives in its revolutionary mineral, whenever it rightfully represents what Tekkan is or not.


A hidden, preserved Seigun Dojo.

Culture and Economy

Culture and Economy

Before the fall of the Seigun shogunate, Tekkan lived by a culture of honor, perfection, and forgiveness. But the yokai invasion of Yamamura left the entire island in bitter despair with the amount of damage the country and people have suffered, and have forgotten these traditions. Without the prosperity and order the Seigun brought, Tekkan is now a land ruled by bandits, corrupt samurai, and steel. However, some of the moral and religious values remain even during times such as these. Worshiping the divine deities of Shilon is still practiced commonly among Tekkanese folk, often referred to as 'kami' are thought to use animals as messengers to deliver blessings to humanity. 

Tekkan is thought to be built around a royal monarchy due to having a traditional emperor (Emperor Tazuki Hamamoto). But unlike other countries, the emperor of Tekkan has little to no power and are merely figureheads. The true leader of Tekkan lies is none other than the shogun (Shogun Kuroda Tatsu), who are powerful military dictators that were the actual rulers of Tekkan. Ever since the Tatsu shogunate came into power, Lord Kuroda declared the entire country into sakoku, meaning all foreigners and citizens were barred from entering or leaving the country. 

  • Population: 65 Million

  • Population (Post-Yamamura): 61 Million

  • Capital: Tatsu

  • Emperor: Tazuki Hamamoto

  • General: Lord Kuroda

  • Army: Tatsu Samurai

  • Climate: Moderate

  • Exclusive Wildlife: Koicodiles, Goliath Crane, Kaiju Beetles, Great Carp Whales, Lurkoi Sharks, and Trillium Apes.

  • Common Dining: Sushi, Sashimi, Stirred Whale, and Rice.

  • Poverty: Medium-High

  • Crime-rate: High


Murayama, a northern section of Tekkan that thrives in its traditional roots rather than its counterpart, Tatsu.




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