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The Teamaster

"I bet . . .if wars were actually friendly meetups working conflicts out over tea instead of what it is now, Kudao would be a much happier place."  

-Obaku Harunobu


Tatsu is a faction filled with cruel people with empty hearts. But even in the darkest hells nestles a small light of kindness. Obaku is a strong medic professor who uses his secret magic tea to heal others. Despite being a member of the crude and unlawful authority known as the Tatsu Shogunate, Obaku is surprisingly one of the kindest, most genuine souls to step foot on Tatsu’s stone floor. His sole motivation in life is simply to help, It didn’t matter who. Sometimes, when he wasn’t under the watch of Tatsu lords, he would sneak out into the city and help other people for a change, including enemies of the Tatsu Samurai.

    Obaku grew up from a wealthy family descended from huyve blood that profited from assisting the country with their medical services past down from generations that have been around since the first age of the Seigun. With this reputation of heritage, also came expectation and pressure. Obaku knew the only way to adapt to the Trillium era was to take advantage of what brought them to this era, which was the trillium mineral. Obaku spent years in the Tatsu mining facility, gaining knowledge of the rock and its aspects. Over the years, Obaku became very familiar with each and everyone of the mines, and he saw the effects and dangers that come with working within the ravines. With a kind heart that Obaku had, he couldn't resist watching others suffer and perish beside him, so he lent a hand. He aided sick and wounded workers, and offered them his homemade tea to ease their pain.
    With a medic around, the mines have never been safer, and Obaku was the jolly man that was beloved by all. It didn’t bother him on who he helped, whenever it was miners, tatsu samurai, wanted criminals, and even corrupted vessels. Then one day, he was approached by a mysterious hooded figure deep in the mines, and it was hard to tell if it was human or not. The figure did not speak, but it reached into its chest and revealed a large trillium shard that illuminated the entire cave. The figure then tore a small fraction off the shard and handed it to Obaku, then vanished into the darkness. The fragment he was given was not like any other trillium shard, it was green, mythical, and gave off a harmonious aura. Confused, by also marveled, he took the shard back to his studies, and discovered its true power.

    It was then Obaku came up with his revolutionary, secret tea recipe. The taste is rather flat but what makes it special is its power to heal common sicknesses, wounds, and other injuries. Ever since he has happily organized tea ceremonies for people beyond the Tatsu Samurai, such as the Smoking Serpents, the Najimu, and the Tatsu mining facility. Obaku’s intentions may be pure, but it is unsure how long he can keep this true neutral facade from the people he commissions, especially his upper samurai lords.

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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