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The Dark Side of the Moon

Kindao is a dark reflection of Kudao’s purity, a realm deep under the mantle from which horrors such as yokai and other supernatural threats emerge. It is also the realm that unleashed Yamamura among the innocent. It is said that you can find hidden sanctuaries that can only be found once and require a complicated task or ritual to open a gateway to this oblivion. No mortal has ever crossed these divine gateways, but those who have gotten close enough are infected with a lifetime crucible of pain. Who knows what other torments it could inflict further into the abyss?

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A powerful demon born from the Kindao realm, locked out for his home to this mortal prison.


The Oni

Umato (2).jpg

Ruler of Kindao.


The Silence


Kindao was fabricated into existence when the great Shenhai hallowed the planet’s core during the creation of time. It has since been stapled in Kudao common religion as a hellish realm that contained all things evil, corrupt, and ravaging, all in order to keep the balance between light and dark steady. Even with its secrets, the Kindao realm has found ways to release manifestations of itself, such as yokai; demonic beings from Kindao into our world.


A rare encounter with a Kindao Sanctuary, specific rituals can be performed to open the portal to oblivion, but only once.

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