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The Monkhu Army

The Monkhu Army is one of the smallest armies in Kudao,  but even with that disadvantage, they still bare a massive threat among their enemies, making them the strongest army in Kudao by ratio. 

Each soldier is a Huyve, a species of human that forced itself to evolve to the harsh conditions of the mountain. That being said, they are stronger, tougher, and harder to kill. Ever since the uprising of Arku Khan; a tactical genius, Monkhu has been able to trample through any obstacle and conquer any vulnerable nation they so pleased. 

ArkuKhan (2).jpg

Leader of the entire Monkhu Army.

Arku Khan

The Conqerour

BulijaarKhan (2).jpg

General of the Monkhu Army.


The Successor

Sarnai (2).jpg

A trapper for Monkhu scouts, daughter of Arku Khan.


The Trapper

Hushin (2).jpg

A demigod who has massacred the battles for Monkhu for centuries.


The Onslaught


Monkhu warriors charging into the battle of Yamamura depicted by a Tekkanese illustrator.



The mountain's conditions are over below-freezing, but not even that is enough to stop even the weakest barbarian of the Monkhu Army. Most of them don't even need fur coats. They are fearless and have been trained to fight bears as children, it's all in Monkhu tradition to not only not back down from a lost fight, but to charge at it. Even with their bold war behaviors leading to their demise, Monkhu barbarians, archers, and swordsmen are not to be treated lightly.


Mounted-War Rams

The War Ram is a breed of goat on the mountain raised for one purpose; war. Just like the Huyve, and the rest of the wildlife on the mountain, they are not affected by Monkhu's freezing weather and lack of oxygen. They are great for charging through tough barriers and trampling the weak. Upon death, their skull will be preserved for its offspring to wear once it grows up to be ready for battle.



The Monkhu army is relentless and powerful, they will charge into the most hopeless battles no matter how idiotic the odds are. But Monkhu still values intelligence and war tactics. Monkhu trappers not only hunt down large beasts for food but also scout the battlefield using falconry in preparation for an easy victory.  One of the greatest trappers, Sarnai; the princess of Monkhu, has every inch of the mountain carved in the back of her head.

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