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Mao Rang

The Juggernaut

“I have seen my people die, kingdoms crumble, friends perished in front of me. And the worse thing about it? All I could do is watch."  

-Mao Rang Shenhai


Demigod of the Boar, Mao Rang is one of the oldest living descendants of Shenhai standing in Kudao. For most of his life, he has stood at the border of Shilon at the divine wall for thousands of years. Uninvited to other battles due to being expected to patrol the wall from outside invaders at all times. No legion has been able to pass the Shilon border, he’s been so good at his job that no one dares to even try to challenge the great Boar, leaving Mao bored and eager. Knowing he mustn’t move from his position to maintain honor, he watches the world go by, standing watch for an eternity, waiting endlessly for a challenge. 

Due to being older than recorded history, his origins remain mostly unknown. But it is told according to ancient fables that he was once a joyful, energetic warrior so powerful, so unbelievably strong that a celestial message from the primordial Shenhai ordered him to stand put at the gates of Shilon to ensure its existence for eternity. While his great, titan-like power still persists, his personality has become nothing more than a legend.

Over time, Mao Rang demolished anything that posed a threat to Shilon at Mao's presence. Invading nations have thrown everything that this behemoth, he has leveled armies and made great mythical beasts look like puny headless chickens. Legends tell of a great nation that has fallen by simply wasting all their men, weapons, and resources on the damn Boar child. Invading Shilon's walls has become the most foolish thing a nation can do, without a question. This unwritten rule has led to fewer attempts, leaving Mao Rang standing at Shilon's edge, waiting, losing his once joyful self and all emotion. 


A statue of Mao Rang made during the Lunar Festival to celebrate his sacrifices.

  • Height: 12'

  • Age: 3300+

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Demigod

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): The Boar's Armor, The Crater Hammer

  • Born: The Divine Fountain, Shilon

  • Occupations: Eternal Guardian. 

  • Affiliations: The Shilon Empire.

  • Alignment: True Neutral.

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ 

█ █


Mao Rang at his post, making as much movement as the statues made of him.


  • The helmets that Mao wears around his body are from foolish warlords who attempted to invade Shilon over the years.​

  • Despite being influenced by Chinese culture, Mao Rang's helmet slightly resembles a Samurai helmet (a kabuto) rather than a Chinese one.

    • Mao Rang, being based on Year of the Boar in Chinese Zodiac, is actually slightly inaccurate compared to the other Shenhai family members. People born during Year of the Pig are often warmhearted, gentle, and rather gullible. Mao Rang is rather grumpy and will obliterate anything that threatens him in front of him, and he is very hard to deceive. This may be the fact that he has lingered on for ages and has been through hard enduring trials that can change his personality. He is, however, loyal, sluggish, and broad-minded, which matches the Pig symbol in the Chinese Zodiac.​

  • Mao's favorite food is a nice Jingsun fillet. Jingsun is a fish located in the Shujing lake in Shilon's walls. It is illegal to bring the fish outside the barrier, so Mao can easily smell the fish so detecting smugglers isn't hard for him.​​

    • However, he hasn't eaten in over 50 years.​

  • Mio, a 12-year-old Shilonese citizen, often travels across the country to the border to eat lunch with Mao as he patrols the walls, she often has conversations with him, tells stories, and notifies him on the latest news within the walls. Mao, while never looking down at her and rarely responding, her presence is his favorite time of the month.

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