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The Genbari Tribe

The Genbari are a tribe of monks who worship the Black Tortoise and his ideology, many come here to train their bodies through harsh physical trials to become a much stronger version of themselves. Located at the Sinju Villages, the highest point of Mt. Monkhu inhabited by humans, which also makes the village the most dangerous place to live in Kudao. The Genbari tribe practices the power of endurance, the second principle of strength to endure the hellish conditions of the frozen summit, and channel their tenacity to change into the apex being. This tribe is responsible for influencing the huyve race to evolve from the average human. 


Thousands of years ago, humanity believed that the mountain's peak was too much for the human body. With the lack of oxygen and frigid temperatures, it was thought the chance for survival was close to zero. Until an ancient black tortoise, of the name Genbu, clinging on to the last hope of survival for his dying godhood, was approached by a celestial being and was taught the harsh reality of the world, and how to counter it. Ever since, Genbu has taught hundreds of people willing to evolve. The chance of death is high, but only if you surrender yourself to death. 


A Genbari monk at the Sinju village.

Genbu (2).jpg

Lead monk of the Genbari Tribe.


The Shellless

cwBG8zG (2).jpg

Gained his strength from the tribe.


The Immovable


The great Genbu leaving his hut.

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