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The Ryoshin

The Ryoshin is a secretive clan of mercenary assassins and rouge Seigun Samurai that used stealth and ninjiutsu to assassinate or infiltrate their targets. Their reputation was deemed a kindred spirit of the Seigun, but with unknown intentions, they kept the Seigun honor code.

The clan faced massive consequences during Yamamura, most of them died while others turned to the Itami.  What is left of the Ryoshin is small, segregated, but ever so fierce. Their functions have been reported from espionage, assassinations, and infiltration. Their true identity and purpose is to remain unknown, many famed heroes have been suspected to be active in this faceless clan, even the Guardians of Shilon

Kasamatsu (2).jpg

Ryoshin of the Smoking Serpents.


The Kunoichi


A wannabe.


The Theif


Kasamatsu, a young ryoshin sworn to the Smoking Serpents

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