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Seiryu, also known as the Azure Dragon, is an immortal being that is an embodiment of the Eastern Guardian. In ancient religion, it’s said he was created by Shenhai  along with 3 other deities that represented the 4 cardinal directions. Seiryu, the Azure Dragon of the East was created to control the flow of all rivers, oceans, and lakes, his powers also created the very mists that have clouded the region of Gaowong for thousands of years. He's not an outspoken dragon, despite being the only fully grown dragon to be sighted in modern times, but it’s determined that he rests deep within a cave located in Gaowong. According to legend, if you manage to locate this cave, you will stumble upon a luminous pool of the heavens. Those who are worthy can walk among the water, and the great Seiryu will appear and will grant you one question you desire to know, and he will answer honestly. Those unworthy who walk upon the waters will be dragged in immediately, and drown for eternity.

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