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Separate from the Shilon empire, Jademages are a group of traditional monks that harness the power of the first principle of strength; Spirit, to protect loved ones or possessions from threats that are too unbearable to handle. Hundreds of temples have been built with the largest one, the Jinju Temple in the hilltops in northern Shilon. This magic has been passed down from generation to generation since the earliest known origins of Shilon, it is told that it began with a celestial being that represented Harmony itself, granted the knowledge to a monk attempting to find peace after being driven mad after a catastrophic event.

​The magic is also classified as an art, professional Jademages put on performances in Shilon's plazas during celebration events, whenever it is dancing, firework displays, or even storytelling. To obtain the power, the holder must be at complete peace of mind, others who are in distraught or disfigured anger will not be able to perform Jade magic. The road to learning the art requires meditating and mastering the mind, letting go of all rage.  


The standard jademage


Master Jinsei.

Jinsei is the current master of the Jademage clan, his arrival has brought a huge impact upon Jademage members, striking jealousy and doubt upon them. He is believed to be a rouge Tatsu Bunraku powered by spiritual energy, journeying from Tekkan to Shilon to wield the Totem of Sealed Spirits, a large but rather lightweight weapon containing Jade energy and dialect from ancient Jademages. Anyone is able to wield it, but those who aren't redeemed worthy are cursed in horrible bad luck if they so help touch the stone totem, but those proven to be the true owner of the totem are officially praised as the wise Jinsei, the name of whoever is proven to wield the totem. But doing so requires immense strength of self-mastery.

​Jinsei has since been worshiped upon others and has become the face of Jademage culture, and has shocked many of its witnesses with its power and skill in Jade magic. Overwhelming many students and even experienced monks. After his appearance, many Jademages left in jealousy since it has placed them in a bad state of mind, which ruins there potential in the art. Others, however, have accepted that they are not the chosen ones they were meant to be. Jinsei often spends his days wandering the land, teaching and aiding others with his talent, preserving lost souls to rest, and meditating in the temple by night, while being followed by other jade students who are curious and befuddled with its existence.


Lead monk of the Jade mage clan.


The Monk

Anhai (2).jpg

A trusted pupil of Jinsei.


The Student


Uses Jade magic.

Jing Lee

The Curator

HarumaHiroyasu (2).jpg

Former Jademage.


The Demon


Jademages performing for the Shilon Lunar Parade. 

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