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The Fallen

“Do not forgive me, I do not deserve

-Ren Shenhai


One of the strongest and most infamous rulers of Shilon’s legacy; Ren Shenhai, Demigod of the Dragon, has had tales told of him thousands of years before his birth. Stories told that the Dragon child can snuff out armies with his sword, and turn mountains to ashes. Ren, growing up, being the lovechild of Shenhai with his high expectations for the kingdom, received more attention from the emperor than his two siblings; Lao and  Fubai Shenhai. The emperor and generals who raised him taught him to take pride in the glory of triumph, and to conquer any nation without mercy. Once being crowned emperor, he fulfilled that expectation with great pride. He forced all nations to respect him and his nation, becoming one of the greatest emperors to ever live. He even found himself discovering the love of his life, which then lead to a line of successors. Nothing could have been better for the Demigod of the Dragon.

But just like all great rulers, Ren approaches his greatest challenge yet. Yamamura; an overwhelming threat has shown itself upon the world, horrid demons emerging from nothing, call to trample the Shilon Empire and all of humanity. Ren, looking at the skies awaiting honor from Shenhai, demanded to conquer the enemy head-on with all their might. The battle of Yamamura raged on for days on end, miraculously leading to victory, barely. There's no such thing as a good war, Ren’s arrogance had led the sacrifice of many honorable, soldiers, and generals, which lead to Shilon’s downfall. Great shame was brought upon his legacy and his people soon turned against him.

Shortly after the war, the same warriors that forced themselves inside the gateway of Kindao claimed that it was Ren who started this chaos. The kingdom of Shilon split into utter resentment for their once-respected ruler. Even with the bereft Ren denying these heinous accusations, his honor has already fallen far enough for his words to be taken for a grain of rice.

One night, a group of bandits led by an unknown assassin broke into his palace during his sleep and attempted to poison him. Which did not kill him but rather engulfed him in rage. Before Shilonese troops arrived, Ren had already slaughtered his intruders, one assassin escaped. He stood expressionless above the soldiers who were just too late. Ren, at that moment, lost all reason to protect humanity, and butchered his fellow soldiers and burnt them to cinders without hesitation, he has sworn an unstoppable vengeance on humanity.

Hundreds of lives were lost and buried their fallen villages in ashes, any who dared oppose him met their fate in the flames. Until his own sister; Lao Shenhai, Demigoddess of the Ox, stood among him demanding him to yield despite her disadvantage. Ren charged his sword against her shield and they fought surrounded by a pillar of fire until Ren’s emotions turned against him leading Lao to stand on top with her hammer pointed at him, asking him one more time yield in a cracked, heartbroken delivery. As Ren saw the flames he ignited on his own kingdom, the fear in his sister's eyes, and the dishonor from Shenhai and Malong up above, Ren realized what he grew up to be; a tyrant. With his greatest nightmare becoming a reality, Ren leaped off a nearby cliff, disappearing into the deep depths of Shilon, never to be seen again. 

It is unknown what drove Ren to such rage, even Lao claimed not even the wrongdoings against him would be enough to cause her own brother to do such a thing. Something about this incident doesn't quite add up, but it's a story that remains untold. After Ren's disappearance, some say he died at the hands of Lao, or he is simply slaying beasts in another dimension, others say he is meditating in the deepest part of the mantle or at the highest point of Mt. Monkhu, seeking an impossible redemption. 


  • Height: 6'10

  • Age: 142

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Demigod

  • Status: ???

  • Weapon(s): The Dragon's Claymore.

  • Born: The Divine Fountain, Shilon.

  • Occupations: Emperor, General, Warlord, Barbarian (all former).

  • Affiliations: The Shilon Empire (former).

  • Alignment: Neutral Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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Ren leading the charge in the battle of Yamamura, depicted by a Tekkanese illustrator.


Ren and his troops confronting the yokai invaders of Yamamura.


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