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The Shilon Army

The Shilon Empire isn't only feared of its powerful gods, but also it's imperial forces. In the influence of Han Yu and Empress Lao Shenhai, the Shilon army is professionally trained and led in war combat and excel heavily at defending  land, composing sieges, and artillery. Their front-line artillery is one of the deadliest war tactics practiced in Kudao history, they can release hundreds to thousands of arrows while protecting the back-line at the same time. Shilonese soldiers also patrol the gates and cities of the Shilon kingdom.


Shilon soldiers charging in the battle of Yamamura.

Lao (2).jpg

Empress of the Shilon empire and its army.


The Unbreakable


Lead general and advisor to Empress Lao.

Han Yu

The Loyal


Former Emperor.


The Fallen

QeIgb2c (2).jpg

Former tactician and general. 


The Vessel


Shilon warriors following Emperor Ren during the war of Yamamura.



The common Shilonese soldier consists of armored, well-trained warriors equipped with either a spear or a sword, as well as a horse mount. These soldiers carry true Shilon spirit and are willing to fight to their graves. Each family in Shilon is required to draft at least one family member to the army once war arises. They also patrol Shilon's walls, estates, farms, and kingdoms to make sure the empire is well protected to honor its high standards.   


Front-line Artillery

The Shilonese armored-bow is one of the deadliest weapons of war. They allow the front-line to shield the back-line from ranged attacks while releasing rains of arrows upon their enemies. These marksmen were very useful in the war against Monkhu when Ren seized to reclaim the Midora woodlands upon becoming emperor. 

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