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The Theif

“Little known fact, if you're fast enough, you can pinpoint the EXACT moment the person chasing you gives up, it's amazing" 



The grandson of a fallen god, Nioh was raised to be one of the most lethal weapons of war, but instead of inflicting fear on soldiers in the battlefield, he inflicts annoyance on the city authority in the streets. Nioh is an eighteen-year-old street rat/swordsman with a snarky attitude and a high metabolism. He has been wanted by the Tatsu Samurai since he was 9 years of age, all for stealing food, artifacts, and most importantly; weapons. His most prized possession in his years of thieving was a prototype for a device that allowed it’s user to reach the speed of sound for short bursts at a time. But fused with Nioh’s artificial genetics, he can blink left to right at the speed of light with this device. Losing this invention to Nioh specifically has been marked as one of the biggest tragedies in Tekkanese history since the fall of the Seigun Samurai


Nioh’s origins were much more menacing however, the Itami pursued him as a child as an attempt to bring birth to a new savior, a savior born to slaughter villages and slay demigods. But once the ritual was complete, a cog in the machine grew loose within the Itami. A single man who stood as one of their strongest warriors, stirred an inner conflict with his old righteous self returning to claim what was taken from him. The battle inside that man eventually drove him to betray the Itami and snatch the child and fled far away. That man raised the young Nioh in the gigantic city of Tatsu, a place so crowded he could never be found. 


Nioh is not aware of how he came to be, nor does he seem to care, but inside this arrogant, reckless swordsman rests a sensitive, conflicted young boy yearning for answers. Nioh today is now a part of the Smoking Serpents, mainly to pay for something he can run from; debt, from gambling with the Najumi Mafia. Trouble seems to be inevitable with him

  • Height: 5'9

  • Age: 18

  • Gender: Male

    • Race: Human (1/4 Demigod)

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Katanas

  • Born: ???

  • Occupations: Troublemaker, Theif, Assassin, Gambler, Part-time employee at the Crying Carp.

  • Affiliations: The Smoking Serpents.

  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █ █

█ █ 

█ █ █ █ █ █ 

█ █ █ █


Nioh showing off his passion for collecting music discs.


  • Nioh is currently being hunted by Gakugyo and his men for refusing to surrender what he owed when he gambled and lost.

    • Ironically enough, both Nioh and Gakugyo were victims of the Itami's vicious practices.​

  • Nioh's character is inspired by the Scout from Valve's Team Fortress 2 and Mugen from Samurai Champloo.

  • The weaponry and gear Nioh uses are inspired by the gear from Attack on Titan.

  • The mask Nioh wears above his face resembles a kitsune mask.

  • Nioh once successfully grabbed a rice ball hanging from the ceiling with his mouth from under a ceiling fan without getting hit.

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