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The Shogun

“We live in a world of war and dominance, you either adapt, or bleed to it”

-Lord Kuroda Tamayuiki Tatsu


Kuroda is the ruthless and rather infamous general commander of the Tatsu Samurai, city dictator, and supreme shogun of Tekkan. Being especially well known and feared by not only citizens but his own samurai. Proving to be the strongest and most deadly samurai in the heritage of clan Tatsu even before the clan's uprising. The titan samurai wields a gun so big, that the barrels need to be separate from the actual cannon and onto his mechanical armor. The gun he used to put the Seigun Samurai into a genocidal fate. 


After ending the Seigun, Tekkanese citizens from all around fear his dreadful dictatorship. Kuroda seeks to restore Tekkan as a whole and rise from the rubble, no matter how many shells he has to break. During the age of the Seigun Samurai, Kuroda witnessed history repeat itself with constant invasion and no vengeance because, in Tekkanese culture, they thought themselves above violence and instead used peace as a resolution. Kuroda loathed the country’s lack of independence and swore to change it. Mercy and peace didn't work for Kuroda, nor did the island of Tekkan. The giant samurai of steel and gunpowder will bring a new reign for his country and will not hesitate to leak his enemies with the lead of his bullets if they get in his way.


Kuroda in the battle of Yamamura.

  • Height: 9'5 (in armor)

  • Age: 75

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Human

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Trillium Chaincannon, The Oni Armor.

  • Born: Tatsu, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Shogun, General, Warlord 

  • Affiliations: Tatsu Samurai.

  • Alignment: Lawfully Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

█ █ █ █ █ █

█ █ █ █ █


█ █ 


  • Kuroda used to be named "Konrad" but was changed to fit the Japanese-aesthetic.

  • The title of Shogun comes from the title of a military leader in feudal Japan from 1185 to 1868.

  • The design of Kuroda's choice of armor and weaponry is inspired by the Doom series and Starcraft.

  • The idea of the Shogun wielding a giant Shotgun was not intentional.

    • I'm being serious.

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