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The Mists of Harmony


Secured by Shilon, Gaowong is the main route from the Midora Woodlands to the Shilon Empire. But most importantly it is a sacred, quiet land of peace. . . a refuge to escape the horrors of what Kudao has become, as well as a resting ground for the dead. People from around the world travel here to meditate and practice inner peace. There is no sound of wind, birds, or anything else capable of disrupting. It is told that it is so quiet, you can hear the very whispers within your own soul. 

The fog has settled in this valley thousands of years ago and hasn't faded since. Stories have told that the mist is a residue from an ancient celestial water dragon. Magic or not, the fog that blankets the mountain creates a peaceful, calm environment that shields itself from the hatred in the world.


Seiryu, an ancient dragon of the waters that rests within Gaowong mountainsides.


Dragoncarp migrating from the fog and to the skies, where they will spend the next millennia becoming powerful celestial dragons. 

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The history of Gaowong has stayed consistent over the centuries. It's been conquered by Monkhu and other fallen kingdoms before it, but it's always been reclaimed by the might of Shilon. The origins behind this mist have been told to have existed for thousands of years. Deep into Kudao's timeline, the mists are the work of Seiryu, an ancient water dragon's rage that decimated the land before it. Ever since the mists from the aftermath have been declared to remain forever. The mist reduces sound, giving a quiet and peaceful environment to those traveling within it. 


The Edge of Shilon

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Culture and Economy

The land is sacred and damaging rock formations and vegetation of any king is dishonorable and justice will be brought forth. Shilon respects this land as much as they do with the kingdom behind their own walls and will do their best to preserve the beautiful mythical hilltops as much as their will can hold. Enforcing this law is difficult, since positioning guards across the whole region and monitoring it entirely defeats the purpose of keeping it a peaceful environment. Thankfully, most of Kudao's population outside of Shilon respect this land as much as Shilon themselves, violating this law is considerately one of the biggest taboos you can commit not just to Shilon residents but to all that visit.

  • Population: The sanctuary is not a place of permanent stay for most people. 

  • Emperor: Lao Shenhai

  • General: Han Yu

  • Army: Shilon Army

  • Climate: Tropical-Moderate

  • Exclusive Wildlife: Dragoncarps

  • Common Dining: N/A

  • Poverty: N/A

  • Crime-rate: N/A

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