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Olgoi Khorkhoi

The Surochi desert of outer-Monkhu is a lawless and treacherous land, but it is the dunes of Kalbaar that is forbidden for even the boldest to step foot on, for it is said where the feral and titanic Olgoi Khorkhoi hunts her prey. 

Olgoi Khorkhoi, also known as the Death Worm, is an immense yokai said to once be a large intestine of an even larger creature felled by the great Arku Khan during the invasion of Yamamura. Brought back to life by its undying hunger, taking the form of a ferocious worm, the death worm stalks the arid deserts from below to continue her subjugation. Traveling ten times the speed of a horse, Olgoi Khorkhoi can erupt from the earth with very little indicators and snatch an entire camp of nomads in one bite, quickly returning to the sands below without the slightest evidence of her sudden ambush. Outer-Monkhu travelers who have encountered this beast and survived claimed the creature was able to paralyze her targets by spewing venom from a mile away or her strange ability of electric discharge.

Olgoi Khorkhoi continues to burrow through the sands of Surochi and outer Monkhu to this day. Currently under a bounty by khagan's daughter, Sarnai Gunj, who seeks to slay this last living remnant of a beast slain by her father long ago to prove her worth to the Khan's legacy.

taru dogs.jpg

The skull of what is presumably belonged to the demon that olgoi khorkhoi originated from.​


Sarnai Gunj's attempt to slay the Olgoi Khorkhoi, riding a roamer pangolin.

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