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The Bunraku

Bunraku was once an art form for puppet entertainment purposes, but now, they are sentient, made of steel, and powered by trillium to walk the soil at its own will. They were one of the most revolutionary inventions of the Trillium Era, as a single trillium shard can bring the bunraku to life. While these metal men can't speak, they are mysteriously intelligent and independent. A bunraku actually built its body, escaped Tekkan, traveled across the planet to get to the Shilon Empire, and eventually became the Jinsei of the mythical Jade mages. They are also adjusted to work among the Tatsu Samurai and hunt down the ones who aren't staying in line. Bunrakus have a motive, and its unknown to what that motivation is, but their eerie presence leaves the people of Tatsu intimated.


A massive weapon of war stolen from the Tekkanese empire.


The Colossus 

Takumi (2).jpg

A rouge bunraku who is considered a myth among the people of Tatsu.


The Hunter


Leader of the Jade mage clan.


The Monk


A bunraku engraving a Najimu tattoo.

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