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The Wanderer

“Kindness is an efficient weapon, the MOST efficient weapon is me!”  

-Ming Shenhai


Demigoddess of the swift Rabbit, Ming is a local village hero in the jungles of Midora, using her large yet—nimble ax to cut down those who seek to interrupt the peace of the valleys. Shilonese born, Ming was once destined to be a part of the Guardians of Shilon, a pantheon of demigods sworn to protect and rule the Shilon Kingdom. But before Shilon had a chance to be aware of her birth at the Divine Fountain, she was taken by a psychotic, religious extremist who sabotaged the fountain completely unnoticed, he planned to sacrifice her to Shenhai in the deep jungles of Midora, thinking it would grant him physical and moral blessings. Before he could finish the ritual, he was ambushed by a group of young, sword-wielding vigilantes. Outnumbered, the cultist was forced to drop his weapon and flee. The crew of swordsmen that have saved the newborn was led by their great master, an anonymous masked man with even greater experience of the sword.

 They searched the outskirts for the missing parents, up until they noticed the pendant wrapped around her neck, with the 兔 symbol engraved in it. The masked leader realized this child was no human, but a demigoddess. The demigoddess of the swift Rabbit, the daughter of the great Shenhai of the heavens. If they were to return this child or be caught in the custody of her, the Shilon Kingdom shall have their heads. The clan decided to raise her on their own, taking her to their strictly hidden village in the hilltops, naming her Ming. This secret but small sanctuary serves as a shelter for young and lost orphans, as well as a school to teach the children the art of combat and mastering numerous weapons of their choice. Founded and supported only by one person, the mentor, 'the mystery man'. Despite being the closest thing to a father these students ever had, he refused to reveal his name or any information about himself other than the tone of his voice. He takes his privacy seriously. His students refer to him simply as "Master".

Ming was drastically different from the other students. Quiet, shy, but naturally stronger and faster due to her gifted talents. Ming's mobility and reflexes were unbelievable from the perspective of the other students. Sparking friendships and inspiration with some, but bringing jealousy with most. At age 6, the pendant Ming was born with suddenly called to her. Upon touch, the pendant transformed into a scythe-like ax that left Ming awestruck. It was like looking at your reflection for the first time in your life. The weapon's weight was near perfect for her, she had found her weapon of choice. The master saw great potential in her, training her harder than the other students, twice as hard even—for she was someone the master had never seen before. 

Years have passed, and Ming has proven to be the top student of the clan for the entirety of those years. But as all seems joyful, not all misfortune remain hidden forever. During their sleep, the sanctuary was invaded and pillaged by a band of malicious barbarians. Outnumbered and unprepared, almost all of the students were slaughtered. As the sanctuary burned, Ming tried to fight alongside her master, but he commanded her to flee and pass on her teachings for the future generation. Ming refused, but he insisted in desperation, a tone Ming had not heard from her master in her entire life. Promising to obey her orders, she fled. That was the last she ever saw of the masked man. After escaping the estate, She looked back one last time as the sanctuary collapsed to cinders, and continued to run in a single direction for miles on end, until her legs could support her no longer. 

Distraught, alone, and shattered, Ming drifted through the tall trees of Midora, fending off for herself. Still carrying the promise she made, Ming refused to let her identity of a gleeful warrior wither away. Today, she watches over the innocent lives of the Midora outskirts, lending out a hand to local farmers and defending them from invasive threats. She'll even go as far as to share her own talents to the village folk, so they can one day defend themselves. The local village hero continues to watch over the fragile lives of humanity, all while fearing the failure of living up to her promise.

  • Height: 5'7

  • Age: 20

  • Gender: Female

  • Race: Demigoddess

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): The Rabbit's Nimbleaxe, 'kindness'

  • Born: The Divine Fountain, Shilon.

  • Occupations: Local village hero, Lost princess, Huntress, Martial arts expert, Troublemaker, Student,  

  • Affiliations: The Shilon Empire (formerly), Unnamed hidden school. 

  • Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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Ming in action.


A statue depicting the swift rabbit in the Shilon throne room.


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