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The sun sets on all things, some set more unpleasantly than others. Yamamura was a catastrophic event that took place in southern Kudao and impacted the entire world with its hellish rage. It all started with a large crater that erupted from beneath, which revealed itself to be a gateway to Kindao; a realm of the dead, and wicked. The armies and hordes of Kindao demons immediately ravished their torment and devouring everything in their path, even mountains. Leaving nothing but a barren wasteland built from ashes. The knowledge behind this event is a vague abyss of nothingness, and those who dare seek this knowledge are to be damned to find out. 


The gateway that opened the veil to Kindao and unleashed it's wrath among humanity. It spawned it's terror until the brave Fubai Shenhai locked himself inside to contain the madness himself

The first wave of invaders headed towards Monkhu, where even on Monkhu territory, the huyve warriors still only barely won against this manifestation of terror. The second waved swam across the ocean and attacked Tekkan’s shorelines with colossal kaijus that shadowed fear among both the Seigun and Tatsu Samurai. But through sheer will, Tekkan claimed victory. Shilon, Monkhu, and Tekkan; the 3 great nations of Kudao had no time nor choice but to quickly band together and protect their land from this unexpected threat.

 Millions of soldiers and demigods alike all stood on the edge of what used to be a region that bred life, which has now become an empty desert, with only howling echoes of lost souls traveling through the ashe-like sand, before it was interrupted by the sound of a raging tsunami screaming from miles away. Except it was not a tsunami; but an army of demonic beings that stretched endlessly, it was at that moment that even those who thought themselves immune to fear, nearly dropped their weapons in paralyzation from the terror. But the fear was not an excuse to surrender, let alone an option. All the protectors of Kudao have now sealed their fate and will die fighting for their planet. 

The battle lasted five days and cracked the earth, the sounds of clashing could be heard from 20 kilometers away. Hundreds and thousands of lives were lost, most of which were in vain, but after those nonstop days of glory and bitter struggle, a group of men lead by Fubai fought their way into the Kindao gateway and sealed it, leaving Fubai’s soul and body in sacrifice. The heroes escaped the wormhole, and the rest of the Kindao army were either slaughtered or have fled in the wild. 

It’s said that Kudao cheated death that day by claiming victory, but not even a miracle such as that was able to leave the people unscathed. A great price was spent during the battle, costs such as materials, weapons, and brave soldiers. Even godlike entities such as Malong; The former emperor of Shilon, died without a body to be recovered. The aftermath of Yamamura also unleashed the Shadowheart infection, a mental parasite that corrupted the brave heroes that journeyed into the depths of Kindao. During the great depression, the masses began to blame the Emperor of Shilon; Ren, who insisted on facing the enemy with full might and little patience. The discord surrounding the Dragon child’s arrogance summoned an assassin, poisoning him with a material unheard of. The emperor stumbled to a burning onslaught, engulfing everything in his path to cinders. The rampage continued until Lao Shenhai struck him down with her hammer, sending him to a place of no return.

People thought Yamamura an evil curse bestowed by fate or a much more menacing threat, others believed a single monk, driven to insanity, performed a forbidden ritual that summoned the reality between Yin and Yang to the surface. Whatever awoken it, Yamamura was a tragedy that scarred all of Kudao’s innocence, and maybe one day, Kudao will be able to recover in triumph and have Yamamura be nothing but another page in a history book.


Artwork by a Tekkanese artist depicting the battle of Yamamura.

Kindao Army

A horde of Kindao demons trampling a Seigun Samurai in the comic, Haruma; Unbroken Habits.

The Kindao Army

Even in defeat, the Kindao’s invasion scarred Kudao for life, and for the worst. The Kindao army is an endless horde of Yokai that devour anything from soil to innocent souls. Those who fought a yokai soldier from the Kindao army close enough to be able describe it's facial features, and lived, have either been lost in pure dementia or paralyzed with fear by the horrors they saw in front of them.

Those who have been able to describe them illustrate them as living manifestations of ferocious monstrosity and darkness. Kaiju taller than palaces, trampled Tekkan with colossal power, giant flying heads that would grab you with its long black hair and devour you,  animated corpses that ripped impaled arrows out of their spines to fire at you. And worse of all, some of these yokai were left behind when the gateway closed, and still lurk in the shadows today.

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