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The Tatsu Clan

Tatsu is the name of the main capital of Tekkan, as well as the clan that controls it. It is currently the most crowded city in Kudao with a population of 30 million people living in numerous different districts that are scattered over the city. With the exception of rice farms and the outskirts, Tatsu has very little open land. In order to maintain the large population, villages and housing are often stacked on top of each other among the steep cliffsides of the quarry, making Tatsu a very clustered and crowded society riddled with bandits and crime gangs such as the Najimu clan.  

Before its construction, the canyon that surrounds the capital was once under the name of the Ozen plateaus, which spread vast open plains, forests, and villages that lived in peace. When the Tatsu clan earned their honorable title by discovering the first trillium shard within their mining facilities, they created a quarry that continuously expanded for hundreds of years until the plateau became nothing more than a man-made crater that reached depths up to hundreds to thousands of feet deep. And when all the iron, copper, and other resources were extracted from the ground, they settled upon it. Tatsu continues to get deeper and deeper to this day, some districts require respirators due to the toxic chemicals and lack of oxygen.


The Tatsu crest on a banner.

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