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The Tatsu Mining Facility

For the past few hundred years, the Tatsu clan in Tekkan slowly rose to power with their thriving mining facilities and quarries, which produce one of the most game-changing materials of all time, the trillium mineral. While also being a massive source of iron, steel, copper, and coal, these gem-like relics can be extracted into strange powers such as providing energy and heat, capable of powering machinery, enchanting weapons, and bringing life to bunraku puppetry. Since the uprising of the Tatsu clan, thousands of miners have been working rigorously under dangerous labor conditions such as cave-ins, toxic fumes, and in some levels of the quarry, vicious yokai.


Nagashi, one of the larger quarries in Tatsu.



The Seer's job is to track the mineral. Using trillium powered radio-wave technology to detect more trillium  and contacting the miners when they've found it. Often exploring head-first into the depths to get a closer signal. This responsibility is known to be the easiest of the 3 job classes and the pay is usually low. The seer is usually someone too young or weak to be a brute or perfectionist, but it makes a perfect starting job for the young ones.



The Brute is the most common of the 3 jobs, and one of the hardest. Being a brute requires physical strength and durability for long hours of work. They mine away rocks to create more space to access the trillium usually guided by the seers. And will often mine the trillium ore when it is available to do so.



The Perfectionists is the highest rank you can reach in the mining industry that involves physical work. Since trillium is fragile, and hard to extract, brutes are sometimes unable to mine the crystals themselves when found. Perfectionists use laser technology to carefully extract the gems from the ground, they even use elevating stilts to reach high places. But they are mainly responsible to compress the rock into the electric energy that powers the tech used all over Tekkan. Perfectionists are paid the most and require a few years of training for perfection.

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