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The Itami

The Itami is a mysterious, sadistic cult revolving around their very own sickness they've been inflicted by during Yamamura. The members purely believe surrendering unto the wrath of Kindao is the only true way to live, manipulating their sickness into a weapon, fully embracing the corruption.

Founded by Coda Tonshinobu, "The Kage", the original members of the Itami were actually the ones responsible for ending Yamamura, which required infiltrating the Kindao's source of chaos. Which came at a cost, the air inside the gateway was not meant to be breathed by anyone other than the malicious fiends that emerged from within. Inflicting the Shadowheart sickness unto them, exposing them into darkened vessels. Upon winning the war, the heroes returned to Shilon to be honored for their bravery. But over time, the sickness grew and started taking effect. First, aggressive behavior was reported by the vessels, then, their capability of breathing was dying. Luckily, respirators from Tekkan were invented to allow them to use their own corruption to breathe. Finally, their aggressive behavior evolved into violent outbreaks, and pure madness. The vessels were driven into insanity, murmuring unsettling chants with a deeper and sickened voice.

The vessels tried anything in their power which included Jade mage meditating to withstand this illness, but Coda; a high-class general also inflicted by the darkness, merely surrendered unto the corruption. While embracing it, he found a connection to the virus and discovered that what can damn you, can also benefit. He practiced dark magic over time, becoming an incredibly powerful being. After the vessels were banished from Shilon, they spread out across the globe, some still attempting to withstand the illness, were seeking refuge in a new life awaiting them, while being treated poorly by residents.

The others who followed in the Kage's footsteps were inspired as well to embrace the torment.  The Itami also prey on the unlucky villagers that travel alone in the Midora woodlands, the Surochi desert, and even Mt. Monkhu. Taking them to a place one knows where it lies, some say you can be taken thereupon ritual, knowing you’ll never be able to return. Survivors of Itami attacks have stated that before these assaults happen, all the sounds of the forests go silent, replaced with a soft, but broken melody of a shamisen, slowly approaching from an unknown direction.


The Itami crest


Itami Assassins apprehending a nomad.


Itami thugs and cultist.


Leader and savior of the Itami.


The Wrath

HarumaHiroyasu (2).jpg

Former henchman and executioner. Betrayed the cult.


The Demon


Born from the Itami, released upon Haruma's escape.


The Theif


The Kage

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