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The Scourge

“A man's battle cry reveals the difference between a threat and a promise.”

-Bakuma Murosawa


The Tatsu Samurai and the empire enforced fear among its civilization, but when you enslave 100 people, 5 of them will resist. Tatsu is crawling of rebellious vigilantes that spit in the face of the Tatsu Samurai, whenever its with brute force or tactical infiltration. These resistors are powerful, and bold, and fear not the control of the Tatsu Samurai, but even these people fear the tamer of the hundred-legged beast; Bakuma Murosawa

Bakuma was once a leader of a party of bandits that ravaged the island by kaiju beetles, a large insect used to trample over their enemies. Bakuma’s kaiju beetle; Omukade, was something else, however, since kaiju beetles can live up to 600 years and they continue to grow new ligaments as they age. Bakuma’s kaiju beetle, is 900 years old. They raged chaos on the weak peasants and starving villagers. This reign of terror was finally brought down by the Seigun Samurai, who were hired by a village to defend their land, bringing them to justice. Bakuma and his followers who survived were locked away for their crimes they've unleashed on the masses. 


These chained bandits soon came to question once the tatsu samurai began its roots. After Yamamura, the Seigun retaliated their order to yield, and corrupted nobles and lords looking for an answer to take them down went to the Bakuma and his bandits. They were promised release from their bonds if they served for the Tatsu Samurai, they even brought in their old mounts. Bakuma gave a menacing smirk when they told them who they were fighting; the Seigun Samurai. 


The Seigun Samurai are now extinct, and the group of bandits that once terrorized the land are back, but this time, they wave a national banner in the air, and there is no one to protect the innocent, all hope is lost. Tatsu today remains a cramped, industrial city under both order and chaos, and Bakuma’s name alone has shattered courage upon thousands of fighters seeking to make a change, all by hearing his name once.

  • Height: 6'8 

  • Age: 47

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Human

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Omukade, Long-axe.

  • Born: Onishibu, Tatsu, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Samurai, Bandit, Warlord.

  • Affiliations: Tatsu Samurai.

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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