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The Scourge

“A man's battle cry reveals the difference between threat and promise.”

-Bakuma Murosawa


Bakuma is the leader of a party of bandits that ravaged the island of Tekkan  shortly after the invasion of Yamamura. Famed for their signature mount, Akuma bagu, a cursed insect that can grow to the size of cattle, armed with saddles and rode in to trample over their enemies. Bakuma’s mount; Omukade, was unlike the other akuma bagu and had molted into the form of a gigantic centipede. Most akuma bagu can live up to 600 years and continue to grow new ligaments as they age. Bakuma’s kaiju beetle is 900 years old and is said to be the spawn of all of her kind. Riding in the paddy fields on demons, The Murosawa Stag Riders raged chaos on the weak and starving peasants. But before they were powerful enough to establish their own clan, their reign of terror was finally brought down by the Seigun Shogunate, who were informed of the heinous crimes they committed. After a seemingly one-sided battle, the survivors of the Murosawa Stag Riders were locked away, including Bakuma who was scheduled to have his head removed for his crimes.

However, preparing for Murosawa's execution became clouded over time, as the Seigun were caught in a power struggle between them and the more militarily advanced faction; Clan Tatsu. Before they could make any impactful decisions, The Seigun clan was demoted from Shogun to the upper daimyo class, replaced by Clan Tatsu, and Bakuma's head still remained intact. 

Years passed and the new Tatsu Shogunate continued to thrive. Advancing so much that they began to overestimate their power. The Shogun declared an invasion on the western mainland shores, Clan Seigun stood against this and put their lives to the test.

Bakuma and his men continued to rot in the endless dungeons beneath the castle, wondering why the Tatsu had decided to spare their lives. The Shogun knew Bakuma was the most experienced in combat with the Seigun. And has even killed a few himself. The Shogun sent a personalized letter to Bakuma, addressing him of the Seigun's potential plans to overthrow them and that Omukade was still alive. 

    The Murosawa Stag Riders rode once more along with the Tatsu samurai in the battle of Azuhanto. And after a decade Bakuma was allowed to fulfill the vengeance that caused him to grind his teeth to powder. He and Omukade fought like a demon and helped whittle down the army of 500 Seigun to one. General Suda Shioh was the last of his men against an army in the hundreds. His armor, torn and broken, his body weakened, and armed with a single polearm, he stood against his foe regardless. Bakuma and Omukade engaged him in one last duel, outmatching him but unable to out-skill him, Suda managed to slash Bakuma's left eye after a successful parry with his spear. Enraged, Bakuma gouged out the remains of his slashed eye to strike fear into the last Seigun. 

Suda stood his ground. But eventually, his spear was overwhelmed by Bakuma's brute force and shattered. Weaponless, Suda got to his knees in Seigun tradition, took off his helm, and watched the crows fly above one last time. Bakuma took his head shortly after, for Suda it was an honorable death. For Bakuma it was a venomous spite to finish what the Seigun failed to do to him many years ago. 


For his contribution, Bakuma was appointed daimyo of the new Murosawa clan. He continued to serve the Shogunate but put down his weapon and locked away Omukade once again, for there was no foe more worthy or challenging than the last Seigun, whose heads' still nailed against his walls this day.

  • Height: 6'8 

  • Age: 47

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Human

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Omukade, Ono (Axe).

  • Born: Onishibu, Tatsu, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Samurai, Bandit, Warlord.

  • Affiliations: Tatsu Samurai.

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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Bakuma depicted in the Battle of Azuhanto


Bakuma gouging out his own eye.


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