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The Restless Garden


The Midora Woodlands, also known as the Midora kingdom—is one of the main prefectures of the Shilon Empire. Located in an environment varying from dense jungles to towering canyon-lands, to the open rice fields. The green valleys of Midora have been considered to be the home to most of Kudao's farmsteads, trade routes, and wildlife. 

Over the centuries, the Midora woodlands have faced many territorial disputes between the Shilon and Monkhu empires. But ever since Yamamura, the valleys suffered heavily from having a large portion of land consumed by demonic invaders. What is left of the jungle still attempts to reinstate its past era of peace, but the hope for recovery is beginning to fade.


A Jadefire Mantis. An insect marveled by it's beauty, and is labeld a symbol to the forest because of it. 


Tanjuro, a large fishing estate in Midora.

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Ming (2).jpg

Local hero of the forest.


The Wanderer

JingLee (2).jpg

An ancient spirit that protects the singularity of Kudao itself.

Jing Lee

The Curator

Sarnai (2).jpg

A Monkhu matriarch who has operated in the northern forests of Quilang.


The Trapper


An evil cultist of the Itami; a cult of shadow mages who have terrorized the jungles for years.


The Wrath


The common rice farm in Midora, using two-legged field toads. A large amphibian that protects the farm from insects and other pests.


A trail in southern Midora that consists of mysterious ring-shaped rock formations.

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Culture and Economy

Midora has been a territory that has been claimed and reclaimed by many countries over the years, a large mass of it was owned by the Monkhu Empire for a long time until Emperor Ren turned the tides upon becoming Shilon's new ruler. The territory has been in the hands of the Shilon Empire ever since. Despite its conflicts, the forest has always been an environmental haven for all wildlife and farmers. While the territory is owned by higher nations, the tropics hold no kingdom nor high and powerful nation or military force, just small villages and farms spread across the rain forest. Providing for a post-Yamamura world.

  • Population: 80 Million

  • Population (Post Yamamura) 12 Million

  • Capital: Tanjuro

  • Emperor: Lao Shenhai

  • General: Han Yu Shenhai

  • Army: Shilon Army

  • Climate: Tropic

  • Exclusive Wildlife: Bamboo Crane, Behemoth Pandas, Field Toads, Corrupted Roosters, Field Pythons, Boreal Tortoises, Dumpling Monkeys, Dumpling Bats, and Jadefire Mantises

  • Common Dining: Rice, Decorrupted Chicken, Dumplings, and Dragon-fruit.

  • Poverty: Medium

  • Crime-rate: High


Ming hunting a Corrupted Rooster; giant mutated birds infected by the infamous shadowheart infection, causing them to become vicious and monstrous. If cooked right, the infection can be eliminated from the meat completely in preparation for a good meal.

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