The Behemoth

The Midora Behemoth is a living mountain that relocates itself every few hundred years to find a new place to slumber, causing destruction in every step. This giant golem towers at a mere 2,000 feet (609 meters). When rested, the Behemoth lingers in one spot allowing moss, trees, and other natural elements to grow around it, daring people would even construct their huts on this rock, knowing it will inevitably be destroyed. When the Behemoth finally awakens, he slowly rises from the rubble and plods his way to his next destination. This process lasts for a few hours, crushing villages, cattle, and even other mountains in his path. Despite the chaos, The Behemoth does this without any intentions of harm or awareness of other lifeforms.

No one understands the true nature of this living shard of the planet, it seems to be completely neutral with its simple ambition. But it's still a being that must be contained and controlled with the amount of havoc this creature accidentally brings to the innocent.