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The Wrath

“A sword never breaks, it just becomes a knife”   

-Coda Toshinobu "The Kage"


Coda Toshiobu, or also known as; The Kage, is a menacing warlock of hatred and corruption, a reaper driven by pure vengeance, a demon motivated by suffering. This man torments the land of Kudao as leader of the infamous Itami cult, a band of disciples cursed with Shadowheart; an infection released after the events of Yamamura that corrupts its host with eternal suffering and power. Their ambition is to spread that suffering, but their end game is unknown.

Before becoming a great symbol of fear, Coda was once a lesser samurai for the Tekkanese Army as a young teen. He thought himself a proud samurai of Tekkan, before being left to die in the cold aftermath of battle, realizing his actual worth to his country. Clinging onto life, he was rescued by a swift shadow, demigod of the snake; Fubai. It took a few months for the young Coda to realize where he was taken to, not the heavens, but the Shilon Empire, where he became a noble general.  Ever since he felt the need to owe his debt to Shilon, and stay loyal to it, and his years of being a mighty general did him justice. Coda spoke softly and carried a big stick, he treated his fellow soldiers with kindness and has orchestrated many successful battles without saying a word.

    This talent led to him charging forth against the horde of Kindao during Yamamura, and his intellect managed him to become one of the 40 brave men to enter the Gateway of Kindao, along with his great master, Fubai. They lead their soldiers directly inside the corrupted gateway, exposing everyone inside to a mysterious toxin. After conquering the gateway that insisted on Fubai's sacrifice. They return home in triumph for reclaiming their world. 

But the mysterious illness was still infecting them. Over time, veterans were having troubles with breathing, which lead to being completely being unable to breathe. Few have died, but fortunately, the kingdom brought in respirators from Tatsu which ease their ability to breathe. But their torture isn't over yet, veterans have been heard spewing unnecessarily hateful and violent thoughts, others have been reported assaulting others. Their reputation of pride has started to crumble, being seen as a threat. The infection was starting to expose its true colors. Suffering, Coda begged for help as his pain became nearly unbearable, but there was nothing they could do. His throat was twisting itself in knots, his atoms were being torn apart and sewn back together. This was the price of his heroism, and the people he saved became ungrateful worms to his eyes. People say Coda's spiritual form died that day, and a new one took its place. He, and the other vessels he has convinced, rebelled, and unleashed violence and rage among townsfolk to grab the empire's attention. Lao, shocked, with fear flowing down her veins, and with her views completely shifted, she ordered Coda, and all shadowheart vessels, to be banished from the Shilon Empire to never return, but what happened wasn’t something the Demigoddess of the Ox could have foretold.

Coda's relentless behavior and hate have nearly peaked, the combination of betrayal, neglect, war experience, and his dark corrupted heart has evolved him into a demon-like entity of evil, turning his skin into pure shadow. Coda discovered that what possesses him is not only a sickness but a dark forbidden power of black magic and unimaginable strength and stealth. Coda shared his knowledge with his fellow infected vessels and started a new order, a cult, the Itami. Their presence shadowed across the land, kidnapping, and slaughtering by the masses, torturing his victims to his own cursed magic. One day, he will lead his army of damned pupils to reopen the gateway and bring a new hell upon Kudao once again, so he can finally watch his enemies burn with the very hatred they brought him themselves. 

  • Height: 6'8

  • Age: 48

  • Gender: Male

  • Race: Human (Altered by Shadowheart)

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Mastered Shadowheart

  • Born: Murayama, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Cult leader, Warlock, Revolutionist, Shaman, General (former), Soldier (former).

  • Affiliations: The Shilon Empire (former), The Itami

  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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█ █ █ █ █ █

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Kage introducing himself to Haruma in the comic Haruma: Unbroken Habits.


  • The name Kage literally means "Shadow" in Japanese.

  • Kage, to some extent, is the most powerful non-immortal character, probably even more so than some deities themselves.

  • Kage is among the only mortals to walk into the realm of Kindao and walk out alive.

  • Kage is inspired by Urgot from League of Legends.

  • The horns that come out of his head are not part of the mask, nor man-made.

  • The respirator that he wears resembles an Oni mask.

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