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The Valley of the Damned


Kudao was a much more diverse and populated land before the horrors of Yamamura. People perished, homes were devoured and kingdoms crumbled to flames. The Shaojin Kingdom was one of those to fall victim to Yamamura. The valley was a respected ally to the Shilon empire, founded as an attempt from Shilon to expand its empire beyond the walls. It is well known that Shaojin took a toll from the war, but it is unknown what hammered the last nail in their coffin.

 The remains of Shaojin leave the land uncanny and empty on top of their plateau. It is told that a demon roams and haunts the fallen estate, and those who enter the ruins don't return to tell the story. 


Shaojin was decimated after the battle of Yamamura, while clinging on to hope, it's people starved, and their lord was driven to insanity. Refusing to let his kingdom die, the young lord stumbled upon a small creature living inside a bell within a temple in Shaojin. The creature was charming and promised to grant him a wish of any kind, all he had to do was ring the bell. The young lord was persuaded, he wished for his kingdom to remain forever powerful, and rung the bell. It is unknown what happened afterward, or what happened d to everyone after the Shaojin kingdom fell to ruins, what is left is an abandoned shell of what the kingdom used to be. It is told that a demon lurks the uncanny quietness of the land that was once Shaojin, the valley that was left to die slowly, forgotten, and damned.

Shaojin today is the most barren region of all, even more so than Surochi; a wasteland purposely forsaken. Similar to Surochi, Shaojin is a territory free by all limits, but strongly advised not to stumble upon. Shilon has sent many troops to investigate and rescue possible survivors. There was only one who survived the trek, and that was Lao Shenhai, who ended up crawling out in absolute terror from what looks like to be an empty, quiet, valley. Traumatized, Lao refused to speak of what she saw in that wasteland, and when she did she could barely make out what happened. 


Shaojin still remains forbidden to this day,  an absolute tragedy to the people of Shilon, maybe one day they can avenge their fallen ally. Mysteriously, with all their buildings destroyed, trees burned to ashes, their palace that once held the young lord, stands to this day, untouched.

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  • Population: 13 Million

  • Population (Post Yamamura): One

  • Capital: Zhenjihn

  • Emperor: N/A

  • General: N/A

  • Army: N/A

  • Climate: Moderate

  • Exclusive Wildlife: N/A

  • Common Dining: N/A

  • Poverty: N/A

  • Crime-rate: N/A


Shaojin during Yamamura.

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