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Shenhai is an all-powerful yet, uncanny cosmic god being that brought creation to all life on Kudao, including his children, the Twelve Guardians of Shilon. The magic and mythical wonders that scatter the globe all trace back to God himself; Shenhai. He is heavily worshipped for his symbolism and gratitude, especially by the Shilon Empire. Despite his influence and the people’s loyalty, Shenhai is not a very visible deity spiritually, they are hundreds of colossal statues of Shenhai that attempt to portray his appearance because no one has ever seen his face before. The only ones who can communicate with the almighty Shenhai are the Guardians of Shilon, who can speak to their creator and receive blessings for a brief moment, once in their passing lifetime. He currently watches over Kudao from the divine heavens, which is believed to be at the very top of the Divine Pillar; a 25-mile tall mountain that the Shilon Palace ascends to, located at the very center of Shilon. 


A colossal sized statue of Shenhai, carved out of a mountain near the Shilon Palace.

It’s said that millions of years ago; Shenhai was once a star that learned how to take form and manipulate it by his own will. After doing so, he grabbed a nearby meteor and molded it into Kudao, and he carved a hollow center that represented Kindao. He then created oceans, rivers, lakes, using his tears, soil using his dead skin, grass using his hair, the atmosphere and air using his breath, and his two eyes to represent the sun and moon. The great Shenhai has forged a suitable planet for life, he then began humanity by molding the first humans out of clay and grass. However, the first humans struggled to survive on the land he created, so he took a handful of humans and gave them a portion of his power.

These beings were known as the first immortals, such as Rugong; created to control and protect humanity from natural disasters, Mazoku; A demon to torment humanity and inflict fear in the sole purpose of balance. Omatu and Umato, the Serpent lords of Life and Death. The Three Monks; a group of wise gurus created to teach the 3 great principles in which allows humanity to grow, the 3 principles being spirit, body, and mind. And finally, the twelve guardians of Shilon; deities that represent Shenhai’s true descendants and serve to rule and protect the kingdom of Shilon; A province built in the name of Shenhai. 

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