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The Divine Pillar of Shilon

The Divine Pillar of Shilon is a 25 mile (40 km) tall mountain that stands as Kudao’s only physical entrance to the Divine Heavens, it is also the place where the Shilon Palace is built around; the home of the Guardians of Shilon, nobles, priests, generals, and most importantly; Shilon’s emperor/empress. The higher you get in the palace you will approach very restrictive sections that only very important figures can access, there are even sections even the emperor/empress are not allowed to enter. The highest part of the Shilon palace belongs to higher gods such as Rugong; the lord of thunder, following that, the gate to the Divine Heavens.

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General Han Yu delivering a message from across the continent to Empress Lao. Various symbols of the almighty Ox are displayed here to worship her monarchy. There is also a tiger statue (left side) to represent the Demigod of the Tiger, one of the twelve guardians.

The Throne of the Twelve Sons and Daughters

The heir of the twelve guardians of Shilon has been a grand and sacred practice for thousands of years. The rank of emperor/empress belongs to any of the reincarnated demigods who are both alive and prove their worthiness and loyalty to the kingdom of Shilon. The throne room that has held these great leaders is a very ancient and holy site that worships its current ruler as well as showcasing the rest of the 12 guardians. The current monarch, Lao Shenhai; Demigoddess of the Ox, has administrated her kingdom with an iron will and sense of leadership since the tragic yokai invasion of Yamamura. A colossal golden statue depicting that of a bull surrounds the royal seat where the mighty empress harmonizes, and throughout the rest of the hallway, lesser statues of previous guardians are displayed to honor their sacrifices and heroic deeds. 

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