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Jinju Temple

Many different jade mage sanctuaries are scattered across the world of Kudao, more so common in regions such as Shilon, Gaowong, and northern Tekkan. The largest and most sacred sanctuary of all is the Jinju Temple, home of the great master Jinsei, the chosen monk. The journey to this place is a 10-mile trek from the closest inhabited village in the northern valleys of Shilon. After traveling through a series of towering hilltops and thick mists, you will soon near the great sanctuary as the atmosphere soothes your tiring spirit and be greeted by Jademage students and masters.

This peaceful temple was built hundreds of years ago to serve as the main training grounds for learning the ancient arts of the first principle of strength; Spirit, also known as Jade Magic, the energy source of all immortal and mortal spirits. Through great trials of self-mastery and inner peace, one can master this runic energy and finally reveal the Jade magic that all mortals have within. 

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