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Discovered by the mineralogist, Kotaro Shima, trillium is classified as a mythical gem-like mineral found in the deep caverns of Tekkan. It is filled with impulsing energy that can be compressed into being used to power everyday objects such as lighting, machinery, transportation, and tools. It can even produce a blue-tinted mythical fire the way flint does. After it's discovery around 200 years ago, and the discovery of its true potential 60 years ago, trillium has been one of the most important factors in Kudao history, starting its own period in time; The Trillium Era. Soon, hundreds of objects that have been used for thousands of years such as candles and traditional weaponry will soon be outdated. The amount of available trillium needed to be produced was near-infinite, and with thousands of offering jobs available, the population of Tekkan skyrocketed. In response to this instantly large growth in population, Tekkan formed a colossal industrial city near the mine, designed for the overly populated that were ready to work, the industrial giant known as Tatsu was born. 


Kotaro Shima


A raw trillium shard

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