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The Rebel

“An empire unwilling to control their power is an empire doomed by it”

-Angylyn Shioh


Angylyn was born during Yamamura, the most catastrophic invasions of our time. Growing up without a mother, only accompanied by her father; a Seigun Samurai who pledged to his duties and was constantly swept into waging wars to protect his homeland, and most importantly, his daughter. A daughter that watched her father fight glorious battles for honor and prosperity, all through stories and paintings, hoping to wield her father’s blade in order to continue his story when the sun comes to dawn on him. 


After the terror of Yamamura, the Tekkanese authorities came to a conclusion to replace the Seigun Samurai with Tatsu Samurai, samurai powered not by mastery but by weaponry. Leaving Angylyn’s father to step down from his duties, and their royalty. Living in a dark and confined space deep down in the city of Tatsu, Angylyn was led to a much more dangerous path than before, especially for a young girl. Luckily, her father taught her how to defend herself and the secret arts of the Seigun legacy, training her how to never miss a target, and where to perfectly parry and strike her opponent. Since Tekkan was in a new era, Angylyn grew to the gun rather than the sword, using a rifle she found in the rubble. With her mastery of precision, she wouldn’t let the Seigun Samurai’s end stop her from continuing her father’s legacy, so she enlisted in the Tatsu Samurai and became a very consistent and loyal marksman. During her service, she met Hiroto Kisho, a fellow Tatsu Samurai who was also the son of a former Seigun Samurai, seeking to continue Tekkan’s legacy rather than his father’s. It didn’t take too long for the two samurai to fall in love, and a few years later, an engagement.


Angylyn has reached her peak, and it wasn’t too long for it to go downhill. The naive girl started to notice malicious intentions within Tekkan’s lords, lords such as Kuroda Tamayuki, the grand general of the Tatsu Samurai, who then orchestrated a violent coup on the land. The once pacifist image Tekkan held has been poisoned by the ambitions of grief and power. In an effort to overthrow the empire, the Seigun Samurai returned once more to stand for their country one last time, although leading to their doom, the cost to doing so weakened the Tatsu Samurai, forcing the country off their rank of power, delaying their malicious goals. These events left Angylyn in a labyrinth of self-questioning, leaving her to abandon her honor as a respected samurai, and her lover, to fulfill her promise as a child; to continue her father’s legacy as a Seigun Samurai, and finish what he started and died for. 

Angylyn escaped her home and set it ablaze, leaving everything behind but her rifle, her pet bird; Kibo, and an old kabuto helmet given to her by her father before he left to die fighting for his duties. She fled to the very depths of Tatsu to slowly forge her resistance to overthrow the Tatsu Samurai.


Years passed, and Angylyn kept her promise, she created a small crew of loyal misfits called the Smoking Serpents, including strong individuals such as Kasamatsu; A lone ryoshin who was sent to serve Angylyn as her lord, Nioh; A young, reckless swordsman with a high metabolism and a need for trouble, Hiro; A flying, drunken maniac who has been cursed with immortality, and Waradashi; an immense bunraku stolen from the Tatsu Samurai. The Smoking Serpents to this day, have become the most impactful band of heroes, with their wit and their will to fight not only out-numbered, but also outgunned.

  • Height: 5'6 (1.67m)

  • Age: 26

  • Gender: Female

  • Race: Human

  • Status: Alive

  • Weapon(s): Rifle, Sword.

  • Born: Tatsu, Tekkan

  • Occupations: Marksman, Recruiter

  • Affiliations: Tatsu Samurai (former), The Smoking Serpents.

  • Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Power:

  • Defense

  • Mobility

  • Stealth

  • Utility

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Physical Attributes and Skills

Growing up with arms dealing weaponry, Angylyn is a professional marksman specialized but not limited to the rifle. She mastered precision inspired by her father. Just like the Seigun, accuracy is key, but so is teamwork, her leadership, and dedication towards her movement are second to none. Striking targets in the most unpredictable places, thanks to her companion bird friend, Kibo, whom Angylyn has built a strong relationship with. Their teamwork and cooperation allow Angylyn's bullet to access small crevices to land impossible targets.


  • Angylyn was one of the first characters designed during practicing designing female characters, Designed after Haruma and Waradashi.

  • Angylyn used to be named 'Angelina'

  • The inspirations and references used for Angylyn's early creation are Ana from Overwatch, and Pulsefire Caitlyn from League of Legends.

  • Kibo (the bird) is based off a Japanese White Eye

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