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The Corpse of Zhao Tu

The traveler finds himself lost within the dells of the mountain, seeking a nearby resting spot where he can take another look at his map while his yak replenishes his thirst at the riverside. Hopping on top of a massive boulder, the nomad fails to recognize that he is sitting on the boot of the great Zhao Tu, an ancient Shilon deity whos body lied dormant for hundreds of years.

Zhao Tu served as a general of the Shilon army in a time where the Monkhu Tribe was at its peak. Arku Khan had conquered the entire northern and southern province as well as the entire mountain alps which were once populated by 12 tribes, and Arku sought to overthrow the heavens next. Shilon is a kingdom protected by divine power and ruled by gods, gods such as Zhao Tu. His titan-like form and great courage inspired his soldiers to countless victories for centuries. Zhao Tu stood as tall as a 2-story building and had the power to sever a dozen trees with one swing of his blade.

The Monkhu Empire had infiltrated Shilon borders on the southern side of the main mountain, where Zhao Tu's post was settled. Another colossal deity similar to Zhao led a large band of Monkhu barbarians and ambushed the camp during the night, bringing an unexpected battle to Zhao and his men, which quickly became a slaughter. Zhao Tu's forces were completely outnumbered, his soldiers fell one by one to Arku Khan's legion. The titan was the last among his garrison, impaled through the heart by his own sword, bounded by chains, left to die, but he refused. Clinging onto life, he challenged the entire band of 400 men singlehandedly with his sheer determination. He plowed through the barbarians with his godlike strength and fought off the opposing deity with his last dying breath, sending him to tumble down the echoing abyss of the mountains. Victorious, Zhao Tu stepped backward as the howls of battle grew quiet. With the sword still pierced in his heart, he sat against the mountain and went back to sleep. 

Despite being an enemy, and setting numerous setbacks for the uprising of Monkhu. Arku Khan showed great respect towards the fallen titan for his strength, courage, and refusal to back down. The remnants of Zhao Tu became a symbolic landmark of Monkhu His armor, turning to stone, coated by moss, stands as an influence on Monkhu and its culture, an example of what the true warrior looks like; a lone soldier, mortally wounded, surrounded by his enemies, stands back up in spite of them, and spits in their face.


Zhao Tu's remains in the present day. His armor, now turned to stone, has been tainted by vegetation such as crimson shrubs and moss. Flowing water has also found a way to make passage through the crevices. It is unknown how long this remnant will last.

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