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Bogarji Urch's Post

Bogarji Urch is a merchant, musician, distributor, and smuggler from the Jensitu tribe in Monkhu who deals in transporting goods to and from the quarantined island of Tekkan. Ever since the rise of the Tatsu clan, Tekkan has enforced a strict law that restricts anyone other than aristocratic elites and authorized retailers to enter or leave the country. Bogarji offers the lower-middle-class an affordable but challenging opportunity to make connections to Tekkan. To get to Bogarji, you must spend a few days or even a week climbing up Mt. Monkhu to reach his post which is located a few miles up the mountain. The alps of Monkhu are notorious for its harsh conditions and high chances of death, so the trek to Bogarji is something included in the price of his services, but if you can rent a mount such as a boreal yak, the climb will be much safer. 

Once you arrive, Bogarji will insist you wait until the next sunrise before departure. His method of transport is crafting gliders depicting large goliath cranes made of wood, wool, and feathers. Every morning in Monkhu during the fall, a flok of goliath crane (Also known as goliath swan) will set a migration back to their homeland in Tekkan. Bogarji's method is to mount these fake cranes and soar among the real flok. This way the imperial samurai will never notice you bypass the border, and at a peak this high, you can safely and successfully glide across the entire ocean between Monkhu and Tekkan. 

If you arrive either too early or too late for the migration, Bogarji himself will invite you to stay at his tribe until the next morning. At this village, Bogarji and his people will offer supplements such as dinner, shelter, and sharing musical talents around the campfire amidst the open plains, singing songs of the great Monkhu myths, and legends. Some travelers arrive early purposely just for this experience. 


Bogarji playing his horsehead fiddle at the porch of his hut while a patron arrives at his post.


Bogarji's tribe singing "The ballad of the Pale Tiger", a traditional folk song seemingly written about the famous warlord Hu'Shin Shenhai.

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